Zombie 1713 (Updated 23/03/2019)

I’ve begun work on my new game Zombie 1713. In it, you play a man who leads an expeditionary force from Britain to America during the age of exploration You will try and establish an outpost while battling natives, Spanish and French explorers. Though your expeditionary plans are halted when you come face to face with a terrible disease and you find all lives at peril.

Currently, it’s about (6%, 1 Chapter) done, and I plan on updating every 3 weeks if people find it good.

All criticism and feedback are welcome.

23 March 2021 Update - Extended Chapter 1, updated stat screen and added gender choice

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/6034


I received the following error:

startup line 594: bad label scene20

The construction and spacing of your words and sentences is a little difficult to read, for me. For example, you sometimes begin every sentence in a long paragraph with the same word, which can get confusing and repetitive, making reading harder.

It’s still early in the story so it depends how you’ll continue setting this up, but the whole “The Natives are primitive savages” undercurrent grates on me, especially since we’re playing as a colonizer crossing the Atlantic to steal their lands. I think it’ll be important going forward to keep in mind how the Indigenous peoples are characterized in your story.

Otherwise, it’s an interesting premise to fight zombies in another era. Maybe give us a bit more of an idea of what to expect in your post here? I tried to check the stats screen to see if we’d be working on relationship- or alliance-building and what types of character traits we’d be developing but it didn’t load. Are we going to build friendships? Relationships? Alliances? What kinds of skills would we be able to focus on? Etc etc :slight_smile:


Sounds good


Hmm, seems interesting.

Only one gender?

Hi , thanks for feedback will look into it and update later.

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Since it is set in past with expeditionary forces which were mostly led by men it seemed appropriate. If people will want more will update accordingly


Gender-locked male is an inconvenience (to me at least) tbh…

But this is still interesting.


Hi , thanks for feedback you are correct .I just tried to look through the lens of past colonists who killed and enslaved many indeginious people. However I plan to show indeginous people as people which will make protagonist question his morality.You will be able to build alliance with some indeginous tribes/dutch/spanish depending upon your actions.


Oi @alif lol was wondering 'bout aliens in the past for a couple days and you brought up this zombies in the past :smile_cat::smirk_cat::kissing_cat:

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There might not be very many famous female colonists but this is fiction isn’t it?


There also exist games locked to female MC. It’s only your decision, author


Race-locked as well it seems.

Haha, what a coincidence. It also seems a good premise.

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Lol that alien story has been messing with my mind for last couple days actually :joy_cat::smile_cat::roll_eyes:

It sounds interesting…

Now this is a very cool mix here.

I can’t play it after the fight scene due to a bug