Your favorite WIP story of 2023?

Released games:

Fallen Hero: Retribution - I probably played this one more times than I should

I, the Forgotten One - Normally I’m not a fan of stories that take place in medieval times, but I had to make an exception - the writing is amazing


Infamous and Twisted Scene - I just like anything that involves music (and I loved both MC’s personalities)

Subject Zero - The atmosphere/setting of the story is pretty good and I’m curious to see where it goes

Out of the Yinshan - Sounds promising and the characters are pretty interesting

Fallen Hero: Revelations - I was planning to only read Revelations when the game was officially released, but curiosity got the best of me

Broken Fable - I’m always up to play as an OP 1000+ years old MC

Super System: Monster Evolution - has a very unique concept

Honorable mentions to Eyes of Shan (which was posted in the last day of 2022) and to Body Count on itch io