Age Of Stone (Neolithic WIP, 36K) Updated 12/20/23

I’ve begun work on my new game Age of Stone. In it, you play a Neolithic hunter/gatherer whose tribe just moved to a new area. You will be able to go on hunts, have sacred experiences, guide the development of an entire village and more! Not to mention building relationships with a bunch of other characters!

Thank you for playing but be warned, this game is still under construction so there are typos, weird phrasing and other such dangers ahead. There might even be a broken choice or two. Still, I’m glad you decided to check it out and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Currently it’s about (20%, 2 Chapters, 36K Words) done. I haven’t worked much on it in the last six months, I wanted some feedback before I continue, see if if it is something people like.

To play the demo, go here:

Thank you so much for any feedback.


Another one bookmarked. Can’t wait for more it looks intriguing so far.

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Played this for a bit, ran into this:

partone line 710: increasing indent not allowed, expected 8 was 9

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I like the atmosphere you are creating, it definitely feels I am not being railroaded as the choices are varied and seem appropriate for the time and culture. I enjoyed it, even the spelling and gramma didn’t prevent me from wanting to know more.
There was one repeat I noticed. I had chosen to spend time with the old shaman, and later on when I went to meet him and the village headman, the description of the shaman was repeated. Apart from that its a good beginning, and I even enjoyed the hunting scenes, not something I would normally ever want to read.
I can’t wait for the next installments!

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Sounds interesting

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Seems like a strong start. I am loving the language - has a nice Sword & Sorcery / classic speculative fiction voice to it (i.e powerful word choices with gorgeous imagery and lots of emotion). There was another work that I think has gone into torpor set in the same sort of Stone Age setting which I always wished would be finished. So glad someone picked up the torch!

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@Firefox_12 Thanks! I will try to fulfill that promise!

@ChanceOfFire Thanks, I’ll hunt that bug down tomorrow!

@barca1au Thanks for the kind words. I’ll get a handle on the spelling and figure out that double description!

@Harley_Robin_Evans Thanks!

@Zodac01 Thank you, I appreciate your kind words. I’ll try to keep this going!

Is there any way to edit the title of a thread? Just wondering how to do that, whenever I update this? Thanks all! :grinning:


You should have the option when clicking the pen next to your original post.

If you haven’t done so, give quicktest a shot. It saves lots of time.

@ChanceOfFire I have a pen on my other posts but not the opening one?

And thanks, I used quicktest to hunt that bug down (as well as quite a few others).

I THINK this might be related to trust level. You might need to get it to member first. I think I had the same issue for my WIP thread.

@ChanceOfFire Ah, that would explain. Any idea what I should do when I want to update? Seems like adding a date and size in the thread title was a bad idea, considering I hoped to update it when I add another 10k words or so (and fix bugs people pointed out).

The easiest way would probably be to reach member trust level. I believe posting in your own topic does not count, so you’ll need to make three posts in a topic someone else created to make progress to the next level. Someone, correct me if I’m wrong on this.

Otherwise, I don’t know if there’s any other way.

A @moderators could make it to be a wiki post so he @mowque could edit it without needing the trust level

I have managed to achieve the level. Thank you for your help.

Anyone know how we can get to the bull? I’ve been trying many different outcomes and I still can’t hunt the bull :sob:

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