[OPEN] Looking for alpha readers/editors for WIP historical fantasy game


I’ve written a small bit for the game so far, a few thousand words. I’m continuing the writing, but I realized I’d like to have some more alpha readers for input on a few different aspects as I go along, so I’m gathering more a bit before I actually need them.

I’m looking for people who check the forum semi-frequently (once a week or more) so that they’ll be able to come in and give input on updates. The updates are hopefully going to happen bi-weekly, and I ask for responses back within a week of the posting. I provide a short guide as to what I’m looking for, like specific questions and notes about what I’m already editing. If you’re interested, you can message me or just post on this thread.

Single sentence summary (I’m working on writing a longer one that won’t just be a play-by-play):
In the wake of the witchcraft trials that lead to her mother’s death, a woman makes a contract with a demon to find those responsible and deal her personal sense of justice.

OLD POST (only needed for additional information, new post covers most of it):

Not quite sure if either of those are the right title for what I’m looking for.

I’m currently in the early stages of working on a hosted game title, basically where I’ve got a basic plot and characters solidified and have started writing. From posting on this forum, I’ve realized that I work a lot better when I have someone to explain the story to and bounce ideas off of. It helps me work out unanswered questions, figure out what doesn’t flow well, ect. So as I’m working on this story, I’d like to get one or more people who I can talk about my progress with semi-consistently (think once or twice every couple of weeks) and a second pair of eyes to help me clean up my drafts before I set it for actual public testing.

Again, I’m at the very beginning of my game, and probably at least a week before I’ll be sending anything up for reading (I do have stuff written, I just want it longer before I bother anyone about it). I’m mostly here to grab anyone who might be interested.


Can you make the title of the thread a little more specific please? And maybe elaborate a little on your game idea? That way you’ll get people who’re interested in it offering. The more detailed you are, the easier it is to find people invested in your idea.

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I’ll alpha read for you

Hi i can definitely help in my spare time

Sounds cool I can help if you need me to

@Savoy_Collier @valentine_v_daygirl @Melzzi_d

Thanks, I’ll pm the three of you and give some more details.

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The story sounds promising!. I would like to read it out for you if you :wink:

Okay! I’ll add you onto the group message that I’ve made.

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Thanks, hope I will be of some help.

I’d be happy to read/edit this! Looking forward to it :blush:

@CricketRee Okay! I’ll add you as well.

I think I’m going to cut off the search for now, five people is a good place to start for such a rough draft IMO.

Might i join in?? Would like to read it

@AjaxTheMediocre @Karl621
The group is closed for now, but if I need more people for some reason or another, I’ll message you two about joining.

Do you want me to close this thread until you need it again?

Sure, should I just message you in case I need to open it up again?

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Yup. I won’t bite :wink:


I’ll do it since I have a historical background.

The idea sounds really promising :slight_smile: I’d love to help if you still need anyone