Y U G E N 幽玄 [Demo - 21/09/2017] - Updated



Yeah I’ve picked the dancer background but haven’t picked “you like what you see?” in my fem playthroughs, i usually play as male. Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:.


Well… that was fun. So our mother has to be a… ‘lady of the night’ to have some of the more playful reactions? Honestly, I found this fun. I don’t think my little MC will be able to treat any Yokai maliciously. Also, is the mother just ‘gone’ no matter what? This was the first time Isamu has said that to me in a runthrough.


Wow, that’d be a lot of licking and a lack of clothing…
@Ros_e, could the Kitsune do that at some point? Please? …for science?


I imagine a kitsune who is love with the MC after spending a good enough amount of time with them having a dark look on their face when they see those marks and possibly hating themselves a bit for their role in it.


We’ve only met the Kitsune twice now, so if they find out about it soon, it probably won’t be enough time to love us. The Kitsune seems like a chaotic neutral with the saving us twice and defeating the evil demon, so he’d probably feel bad either way, unless he completely hates the MC.


I agree with ya there. They seem like a wildcard type that isn’t evil but not a good guy either. I can’t wait for male MCs to be able to pick up enough charm to be a bit more flirty with our fox friend :kissing_heart:.


I’ve…never thought I’d say something so cold, but I hope that Isamu doesn’t sleep well at night. :neutral_face:

Like whenever he closes his eyes, all he can hear is the heart-breaking wails of the parents who lose their children to the Black Okami’s hands and the cries of children who are taking from their parents to fulfill a (to be frank) selfish purpose for the Emperor. A purpose that feels too dangerous and has no benefit for Onmyojis in any sort of way. I hope he (and some of the other samurais) have enough of a conscience to at least understand that what they are doing is less for a good cause and more for a cause that only really benefits one person and endangers the rest.

Between the two samurais, Daisetsu has left a better impression on me than Isamu has so far. Then again, seeing him go and try relieving some of the pain the Onmyoji MC had to experienced since he released the Kitsune and being punished for it was really touching in my eyes. It probably also helps that he’s younger than Isamu and doesn’t seem as world weary or bound by duty as the older samurai seem like he will be for a while (like, I can’t really imagine the older Samurai sticking his neck out they way Daisetsu when he brought water to help ease them through the punishment).


I did that and still didn’t get the desired option. :frowning:


That should work for the body guard “you miss me” option when he checks on you after your punishment. If you’re thinking about the kitsune “I’d like that” option when they try to be flirty with you, then be a female who was stoic as a child and ignore Dai being all flustered at the sight of you when you get to the shack after freeing the Kitsune.


Does anyone know how to romance the kitsune as a guy?


OK… let me try that… nope, still didn’t work.


Let me recalibrate the variebles again hmmmm… You should have enough charm with your mother’s profession.


Yay thanks! I always tend to pick the more flirty/charming options…just to hit the grey text wall of doom :open_mouth:


@Pace675 got it xD will check in out soon~

Been meaning to ask whether you guys are liking the 10k updates or would you prefer a weekly short updates like 2-3k words (most probably by scenarios).

I just back tracked the topic and realized I’ve only updated 4 times so far hahahahah! And maybe having a weekly update will keep my motivations up but I personally don’t like reading short updates and prefer them long.

Would like to hear some thoughts~

I’m also very excited that you guys could finally be able to see the yokai side of the world soon. I’m really surprised at how many of you are taking such quick likings to Kyou. (It’s the angst isn’t it? Everyone needs a little angsty fella in their life hahaha)


Whichever gives me the biggest cliffhanger


I hate cliffhangers… But they’re perfect for making people want more.

Anyway, as for updates, go with what you want. If you go with the longer updates, maybe you can post little snippets for your motivation? :smile:


I’d prefer 10k updates. I find updates to be more satisfying when a lot of new content shows up at once instead of smaller and more consistent updates.

I’m patient enough to wait longer for more Kyou time. I’m pretty sure I am. :no_mouth:

If you put animal ears on someone and make them powerful enough that they could seize a city with both hands tied behind their back, then people will instantly be enamored with them.

It’s “How to ship MC and super duper powerful ancient being that still looks young enough to be our peer” 101, you know. though the angst does help with that


I still can’t get the “you miss me that much” option with Dai! :^(

I’m playing as a guy, and chose the lady of the night option for his mom’s profession. I’ve also been trying to go for playful/flirty dialogue, but that one’s always grayed out for me. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?


Daisetsu has grown on me too. Oh! Did you get the scene when they arrive at their latest mission and you see a ‘cursed’ child looking at Haruki? He says that the child doesn’t interest him because his only duty is to you. Bonus points for Daisetsu!


I get the feeling that Isamu are only ones of the few samurai that still have a conscience. He reminds of Kenshin Himura probably in his early years when he started his wanderings, full of guilt on all the killings he have done.

Anyway, I do believe everyone has the right to have their second chance so I look forward to his redemption arc.

I much prefer big updates compare to smaller ones. XD