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Update which ever suits you the most @Ros_e. Everyone have their own life outside this forum. Weekly seems too tight of a schedule for any1 unless you have a spurr of inspiration or have some unexpected time in your hand. Love Kyou.


Kitsune? I’d tap that.


When you’re a caveman and can’t wait for the third book of Samurai of Hyuga so you read anything and everything with similar aspects.


Yeah. It was another event that really did just highlight (for me personally) how Daisetsu so far had the fortune of not being completely influenced by the more worst aspects of the Black Okami at the moment (or was trained under a master who embodied the better aspects of the Black Okami) :slightly_smiling_face:. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Daisetsu eventually having to deal with the worst side of the Black Okami as the story progress further.

Wow, that’s a series I haven’t seen brought up in a while; really brings back memories of my childhood. :smile:

But the thing is, where Kenshin had chosen to wander the lands rather than take up a higher position like his former war companions have done, Isamu is still a samurai and in a higher position than when the MC first met him. That doesn’t really leave good implications in his case at the moment due to how we know most of the Black Okami operate, and I (currently) have high doubts that he received the promotion due to nice treatment toward the Onmyojis .

Heck, I have even higher doubts that he would’ve even told the Onmyoji MC who he really was had they not had a memory trigger when he tried to offer them the same candy he did before when the Black Okami ripped them away from their normal life (not that I blame him; can’t imagine that it would be a easy topic to ever bring up). While I do give him points for being honest and saying that is wasn’t solely a case that he couldn’t do anything (though I have no doubt in my mind that there was probably little he could’ve done), it’s that he DIDN’T do anything, I can’t help but picture my MC suffering a deep trauma due to the actions of the Black Okami and that alone would probably make it extremely hard to forgive one of the men who, as he said himself, ‘ruined his life’.

As kind as I like to make characters (or neutral, depending on the situation), I think I’m going to end up playing my Onmyoji MC Kihaku as someone who does want to believe the best of people and is willing to offer some benefit of the doubt to a extent…unless the person is Isamu. Then his personality becomes much sardonic and aloof than when he first met the man years later and didn’t realize who he was. The trauma of being taken from his mother (I’ve actually headcanon that candy not only revives his memories of that day he was taken, but also makes Kihaku feel so sick that he literally can’t stomach eating ANY candy anymore) makes him feels that Isamu had already proven in the past that he can’t be trusted (an unfortunate case of ‘once bitten, twice shy’ in the end) and he doesn’t like the implications of the fact Isamu is a Captain now. He’d be the type to get really aloof yet cunning in his backhanded insults/remarks to the older samurai, just to provoke him enough. He doesn’t put much stock in Isamu’s apology at the moment; he wants to push Isamu’s buttons until he can get, what he feels, a more honest response about the situation with the Onmyoji and how they are essentially being drafted to fulfill a selfish desire that endangers all their lives. Kihaku would probably be able to forgive Isamu more easily (slowly, but it would be the start of forgiveness at least) if he at least knew that the Black Okami Captain was haunted by the actions he had to take and didn’t really agree with the Onmyoji situation. If Isamu tries to justify his actions in some way though or tries to be like ‘I did what I had to do’, Kihaku is going to call him out on it.

Kihaku would probably make this type of remark the moment the Imperial people give him a choice to travel with Isamu again (even if it lands him in trouble):

Imperial: Would you like to travel with the Captain Isamu once more?
Kihaku: Depends; do you want him back in one piece? :smile:

On a sillier note:

I don’t know why, but I recently imagined Kihaku’s first time cuddling with Haruka in her animal form. Like he was in his mid-teens at the time and having nightmares about the time he was taken by the Black Okami. So when Haruka came and saw him having a restless sleep, she went and cuddled with him in her animal form. And feeling something warm and soft caused him to sleep peacefully that night…and then he ended up waking up in the morning seeing himself cuddled with Haruka in human form, which caused him to have a complete heart-attack. :laughing: Now he’s just really used to her sleeping with him, so he doesn’t mind it as much (though I’d imagine that other characters would look at the scene with raised eyebrows if the Onmyoji MC is the opposite gender of Haruka/Haruki)


Not even sure if I’m going to play Kihaku as someone open to entering a relationship with a potential RO (depends on if I see a character who I feel has a really good dynamic with his personality), but Kyou does fascinate me a little as a reader. Like I wonder if they were put in a situation somewhat similar to the MCs, where those around them were trying to abuse their powers for their own gain and Kyou was sealed away partially because they refused to let themselves be used anymore at some point? :thinking:

That said, I don’t see Kyou as ‘bad’ Kitsune. Chaotic, cunning, haughty in regards to humans, and clearly one who will always do their own thing, but not bad. Kyou said the debt was prepaid once MC had freed them (well in my MC’s case), yet they had still protected them from harm against the other Youkai and even lick their wound (which, in some case, tends to be a somewhat intimate action in a way). And I don’t think that they would’ve honestly warned the MC if they really intended on pouncing on them (which honestly doesn’t make me take the threat seriously…which likely means that if the MC had verbalizes the same sentiments, Kyou would likely try to play it up to make them nervous or play it off by making a remark about how foolishly naive they are to be so trusting about that thought).

I get the feeling if the MC starts making friendly connections with the Youkai rather than harming them (since it does say the Youkai will approach the MC in order to get their help with a major issue), The Imperial members would eventually either see them as a unstable threat that needs to be dealt with quickly or would become too terrified to punishing them for failures due to not wanting to provoke the wrath of Youkais who have taken a strange fondness for the MC.

Speaking of which:

How common is it for Youkais to have relationships with humans anyway (it does seem like the Onmyoji can possibly romance quite a few of them)?


I understand your point. I mean, some people would be very angry with how Isamu acted years ago and would not give him a second chance due to that. On the other hand, some are excited that there is a possibility that there will be a character development with Isamu so that is why I am excited how @Ros_e would do handle Isamu as a character.

All in all I never really form an opinion on certain characters when I don’t have enough data on them. XD But so far as first impression goes, Isamu and Kyou-sama are interesting so I am looking forward to them. At first, Dai-san was okay but he grew on me . XD

As for the RK tidbit, it is one of my favorite manga titles of all time so excited with what will happen on the Hokkaido arc. XD


I certainly don’t hate Isamu as a character either; in fact, his lack of actions that day and the fact he is still around (but in a higher position than before) makes him a really interesting character. I have very little doubts that Isamu does genuinely have a good heart (that a little different from Daisetsu’s good heart) and may have the best of intentions behind a number of his actions. And what makes Isamu interesting is, despite his possibly good intentions and genuine kindness (compared to a good number of Black Okami, who I have no doubts aren’t even a fraction as kind as either of the two samurais that MC is traveling with), he’s very likely done some really questionable things in his role as a Black Okami member and especially to get to where he is now. It will be interesting to see what kind of direction the older Samurai develops, whether he stays the role of captain, putting his duty over his own true feelings or if some future event will become his breaking point and he finds himself unable to put more innocent lives in danger on the Emperor’s wild goose chase for immortality (which sounds way too good to be true; there has to be a catch to the Shard deal that even the Imperial is not aware of).

But, even a good actor has to play a role opposite of their true opinions and nature. While as a reader I’m mostly fine with this character (my first post here being mostly my desire to see something that indicates he’s more troubled by his actions that he’s letting on currently), as a reader, I am also very curious to see how Isamu handles dealing with a Onmyoji who resents him and is a past failure he has to finally handle face to face. He may have been able to keep stoic if the Onmyoji MC says they will never forgive him (though I prefer going with the choice of asking about the mother’s ultimate fate, so the resentment choice if not my preferred choice), but would that same calmness still apply if he has to interact with this character on a almost daily basis for some reason or another (not necessarily because he’s their bodyguard once more; I’d prefer to keep Daisetsu and Kihaku as a team, but I don’t want that to get rid of option to interact with Isamu in some way), and deal with their casual sarcasm and subtle goading as they bring up certain matters that may be more of a trigger than they really know.

If circumstances were different, I feel like Isamu and Kihaku could easily be friends; Isamu has qualities that the young Onmyoji admires in a person (resilience, good-natured, loyalty), and he would’ve probably eventually come to see Isamu like a older brother figure once they had a stronger established bond. But as of now, we’re talking about a Black Okami member who has dutifully upheld to his duty and risen to the role of Captain interacting with a Onmyoji who intends on destroying the very system that tore him away from his old life and who Isamu failed to save in the past. If Isamu had offered some form of comfort to Kihaku in the past, some kind of small atonement for his failure, Kihaku would’ve probably been more forgiving toward the older man. But Isamu didn’t (or wasn’t able to), unlike Daisetsu, who came to offer some relief in the form of water when Kihaku was being punished for letting loose Kyou (and this is while he knew the Onmyoji MC as long as Isamu did when he met them as a child). Those small acts of kindness can be more powerful than some people realize at times.

Which is why Kihaku has more trust in Daisetsu currently than he does in Isamu; when it comes down to it, Daisetsu reached out to him during his hour of need while Isamu never approached the Onmyoji child even once (Haruka/Haruki is the one who play the role of being a form of comfort when some Onmyoji MCs were possibly really lonely, sad, or even scared due to being ripped from the life they knew).

I personally love prodding at the data presented to me and taking a number of guesses about what the author may be intending to do and seeing how close or far off I was in my guesses. It’s a pretty fun way to pass the time until the authors updates the their demo for public eye. :grin:

Oh, you didn’t finish it? Did you recently come across the series by chance or did a friend recommend it to you?


Would be the kitsund if I ever got to flirt with him​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I seem to misinterpreted your post, I thought you didn’t like Isamu but now I understand that you are referring to your MC’s feeling on this matter. I apologize about that. :disappointed_relieved: My Onmyoji MC is a bit compassionate so she tend to give others a second chance.

Theorizing do help pass the time and it’s fun reading people’s theories and thoughts.

I did finished it. XD I was referring to the new chapter that Watsuki-sensei 's release. It was just released in Shonen Jump early this month. :smiley:


Kitsune: Your back… who did this to you?

MC: This was my punishment… because I freed you.

Kitsune: … [tenderly bandages the MC’s back] Please excuse me. I have some unfinished business to attend to, but I shall return when I am finished.



See? How could I resist a girl that can do that? Not to mention…

Magic tongue :grin:


@Lizzy unless you are into that stuff :wink:

Also my favourite RO’s will probably be a demon…cause obviously reasons :smile:
And Haruka cause is so cute I wanna hug her!!! :hugs:


As hilarious as that mental image is, I feel like that is something that an enemy of the Onmyoji MC might use to get an upper-hand against any Youkai ROs (especially if the Youkai is a powerful one with a good sized shard): their (possible) protectiveness toward the Onmyoji MC. :sweat_smile:


Be careful about that tongue thing, especially if Kyou is into love bites. You really don’t want a quasi-romantic outing be turned into something from Nichijou:

Of course. After all, hell hath no fury like a youkai scorned.

If Kyou defeats a powerful youkai our MC struggled against without breaking a sweat, just imagine what s/he can do if they actually go full power.


But if the person’s (whose endangering the MC in some way) main goal to draw out the Youkai RO is attempting to get their shard (or for some other reason, like they’re a rival Youkai), they’ll likely be actively trying to do something that will make it more difficult for the Youkai RO to possibly think straight and may have a plan on how to counter the Youkai’s abilities. So no matter how strong the Youkai themselves may be, if the opponent they are fighting has plans about how to deal with them, the ensuring fight will still likely be difficult for the Youkai alone


This feels like something @Ros_e will have to expand on later, if at all.

Other than the kitsune in the warehouse, no one so far has targeted the youkai RO’s specifically. Yeah, the Imperial Court is miffed at Kyou going free, but considering the high turnover of onmyouji in general, it seems like a big ask getting someone to reseal them.

And why would anyone want to get rid of Haruka? S/he’s a sweet little furball, and they rank considerably lower on the Youkai-that-could-potentially-destroy-the-world-if-they-felt-like-it Index ™. I guess whoever wanted to could be after Haruka’s shard, but I doubt s/he would provide much, if at all.


Yeah, I’m not expecting something like what I’m imagining to happen right now; it’ll more likely happen some time after the Onmyoji MC has been approached by the Youkai seeking their aid and has had enough time to established some type of bond with the other Youkais they have a chance to interact with. But I wouldn’t put it past a particularly ambitious/greedy Imperial member or rival Onmyoji trying to endanger the MC’s life in order to get a chance to get the (possibly) good-sized shard that MC’s Youkai friend/lover may have and using it to impress the Emperor enough to be risen up a rank. Heck, I wouldn’t put it past the Emperor himself to do this; he’s already willing to kidnap children from their normal lives and forcing them to do life-threatening assignments in order to gain immortality.

That said, in regards to being targeted by another Youkai due to the Youkai RO’s bond with the MC, that all really comes down to a number of factors that really has yet to be addressed. Like different Youkais’ cultural values, how they view humans, how they view having relationships (either platonic or romantic) with humans in general (or with the Onmyojis themselves), etc. Something that @Ros_e may or may not answer on the forum (depends on how spoiler-y these types of questions are).

Something tells me Haruka is capable of some useful, interesting things that can make them a target for someone.

But yeah, if anyone tries to harm/capture Haruka, they’ll have to get past Kihaku first.


(I’m about to nitpick on grammar, I’m sorry)

It wasn’t man I see but a face of evil.

This is a little embarrassing, considering the paragraph beforehand was describing an unnamed woman, but this legit confused me into thinking there was a second person. Maybe instead of man, use “a person” (the only reason I suggest that instead of woman is because you don’t want to get too repetitive in using the same word over and over again). Also I think you should change “see” to “saw” to keep the verbs in the same tense- you were using past tense previously, so you should keep that consistent throughout.

But the adults here used the term “Military dog” to describe them, I didn’t understood what they meant, come on, I was only 4.

I think this should be split into two sentences.

2 years went by in a blink of an eye

Type out “two”.

Mother and her client continued their chatter. Like usual, I was just to wait until they’ve finished.
Black Okami.
The sound of the name made my ears perk.

Ok this is more of a personal preference so take this with a grain of salt. Personally I feel like maybe we should see what’s happening in this scene, like we hear more of what Mother and the woman are talking about, or perhaps have the MC looking around and being bored until they hear the Black Okami being mentioned, THEN have them tune in. Idk, it’s sort of a “show don’t tell” thing with me that I think might make the scene a bit stronger, but in no way you gotta do it that way.

“Where are you two going?” One of them asked, they were intimidating yet mother didn’t fazed at all. She kept her smile and bowed respectfully. “We are on our way home.” Mother was calm and elegant,…

Make this a new paragraph


The “I’d very much like that.” option requires more than 2 bravery, but while viewing the code I’ve only seen one increase of bravery, that is after acting like nothing’s wrong when you’re soaked which increases it by 2 (only avaliable to female MCs). That means you’re still 1 point short no matter what.

I noticed few typos and mistakes as well, but I have to play the game again on PC and see what has been reported already by other users. Will probably do that later today.

The update content itself was very enjoyable of course. It’s one of my favorite WIPs.


I hope you can change all the flirt options requirements, make the player able to choose them but like someone above me said that the outcome depends on your charm.