Y U G E N 幽玄 [Demo - 21/09/2017] - Updated



So far I’m quite intrigued by this setting and it’s become one of my favorite demos currently in writing, and since I’m a random guy on the internet you know this is the pinnacle of praise!
As far as the stat dilemma go this is what I would’ve aimed for, focusing on the romance as the example:

If you have a low Charm score and/or are too modest etc, you’re not really adept to flirting so while you can express interest in whatever clumsy/adorkable way, your inexperience makes you the “prey” to the other party and/or you may have to work a bit longer in order to impress them. In short, romances happen on their terms because you are too meek/inexperienced to take the lead properly.

If you have a high Charm score, you can turn that around because you’re experienced (or just sheer talented) enough to take even a hunter like a charmy Kitsune and flip the flirting game on his/her head and make the hunter become the hunted. I imagine with some unique [Charm] dialogue options, which also gives a bit of a shortcut on the relationship development because it all happens on your terms rather than theirs, and it’s a match to reel them in.

Maybe if it’s not too much work, the middle-ground where you can pick some options but aren’t high enough for others turns it into a back-and-forward game of flirty wits with both trying to one-up each other (Kitsune) or find cracks in the armor (Samurai) or whatever is personality-appropriate.

What do you think? Am I within the realm of realism or is my lack of insight into the coding process showing? :slight_smile:



So far my favorite RO is Kyou-sama. XD But I am wondering, how do you plan to do the ROs? Do we have to reach certain skills so that they will return our feelings or even if my MC is modest, they could end up with Kyou-sama? :smiley:


@Ros_e I replayed the demo again and still couldn’t choose the flirt options and I don’t have the stoic personality. ( I chose the energetic loud personality and I’m playing as a gay male )

I had Akemi mentioned


I played through several times and Kyou mentions only Akane.

I even looked at men & women and had Kyou switch sexes.

If it helps I played as a woman in all may playthroughs.

Edit: I played as a man and then I got Kyou to mention Akemi. Hurray!

I’m still waiting for candle romance though. :candle:


After a long morning at work, this is like music to my ears. :ok_hand:


So when is the oni showing up? My MC could use a super tall and strong gf.

pic is a little risque so a added a spoiler. Anyone know how to put it in one of those drop down things I’ve seen around the forum lately?

lets see if the drop down works

Risque oni



I really had thought it would be just Haruka for me, but now…I’m torn, Kyourie is harder to resist than I imagined :blush:

More romance! :grin:


You mean


You start a new post, click on the cog that’s on the far right, and choose the first option.


Took the words right out of me >w< That is exactly what I was aiming for.

The “flirting” choices don’t necessary lock you into a romantic route with them so no worries >w< It will develop slowly hehehe~ and Yes! Even if your MC is modest and innocent, you can still charm Kyou in a different way.

HAHAHAHA candle as the hidden RO. :wink::candle:

Pretty soon xD maybe the next update.

It was the arm lick right? That must have won you over right away xD


‘-’ Eh? A candle? imagine a candle which pops out of nowhere
Me: 0.0


By the way, you still have not answer my first comment :pensive:. The one with the spoiler. By the way, will the kitsune knows that we took 50 lashings because of him/her?


I imagine eventually the kitsune will know. 50 lashing is sure to leave some deep marks.


Kyahhh. Update. :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: finally got a hug from my friendly neighbour kitsune but end of demo. Hu hu. Patiently waiting for next update. Any 1 manage to flirt with Mr 9 tail fox? Any 1…Mr fox!! Lick the lashing marks too. Joking​:smile::smile:.And @Ros_e TQ for the update.


Pretty hot lol (more letters)


I’ve got it


how your Yungen doing boss man and love you how your doing work hope keep going


Lovin the new update. I’m curious, has anyone been abke to pick the “miss me” (can’t remember the exact wording) option when Dai comes to visit ya?


Yeah, I did. (more letters)


Care to impart some wisdom? Tried multiple combos and nothin serms to wanna work :rofl:.


You need charm. Did you pick the mom with a dancer background? And, be a female and pick “you like what you see?” after you release the kitsune and go to the shack.