Y U G E N 幽玄 [Demo - 21/09/2017] - Updated



Should be her

Kinda curious about this too, is this supposed to happen?


I actually got that option where you could flirt. I noticed if you somehow “flirt” with the other characters it gets blocked out. Basically somehow compliment the other characters.


But I didn’t flirt with anyone, there was no one to flirt with!


IT’S BACK! WOOOOOO!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:


Ahh! I seem to have mistaken some variables there. It was meant to be the more you flirted the higher your charm; and you will need the higher charm to be able to flirt with the kitsune.


Yay! yokai hunter 2017 is back!

I’ve been curious as to how the stats are going to be handled, are we going to get any info on them anytime soon?


I know someone mentioned not being able to flirt with the kitsune but I haven’t been able to flirt with any of the characters, for example I asked Daisetu to come closer and that worked fine but later on when he came during the lashings I wasn’t able to ask him if he missed me that much Other then that I really enjoy the demo


If you wanted to flirt with him you should of started looking at the guys instead of girls.


Yea I did that as well


Then I guess homosexuality is frowned upon.


Glad that you asked, I’m still twerking around with the coding on the stat screen and preparing some needed graphics.
The opposite stats are
Prideful - Modest
Passion - Finesse
Cruel - Compassion

While the solo stats are

(Might implement more stats in the future but I don’t want to take on too much and lose track of what I already have.)

Ah, the same issue that I mentioned about the Kitsune as well, the variables have been mistaken by me. hahahaha will fix it soon.

So now that you all know the dynamics between the MC and Daisetsu more, he does feel more appealing right?
I know the newest update is a little more linear than some of you would like, but it will build up to more important choices soon.

Who’s your favourite RO so far? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and what do you wish could happen more often? Moral dilemmas? More fluffs?


And I’m guessing this is what they translate to?

Bravery = gobesei skill

Wits = ofuda skill

Charisma =shikigami skill

Or is magic skill a different stat?

Also will we be able to use the skills outside of combat? Or is that against the rules and we will be beat 40 times again


Magic has their own stats; but your mother’s profession does have an effect on your stats. If she was a local merchant, your MC would have pick up a wider general knowledge and Wits will go up. If your mother was a lady of the night, your Charm will be higher.

A seamstress mom will get you extra finesse points whenever you do something related.

Bravery mostly comes from the actions you pick; the aggressive ones.


I have a question regarding the romances. I wasn’t able to choose any of the romance Options (even in multiple playthroughts with different choices). Are there any requirements for the romance Options?


Hmmm, more specific? Would it be the “flirty” responses with Daisetsu and Kyou? I’ve updated the fix, and it should work now if your MC has a higher Charm stat.

If not, could your character happen to have a stoic personality?

The prologue builds your character’s personality through his/her childhood and depending on your choices, your MC could be stoic, sweet, energetic or lazy. Personality and stats might unlock different options.


Ah, ok. Thanks for the answer. How do i get a higher Charm stat?


Found some gender flips and grammar error.



Isamu (if official) and the fox. I want to know about who this person the fox mentioned is and how that will effect their relationship with MC later on.

Also, looking forward to meeting Miyabi (the female Oni) at some point.

Although, I’ll be creating a separate playthrough for everyone so…


If that’s the case, then I wonder what’s the point of the scene in the 1st ryokan where we stare at a man, woman, or candle. If we have to flirt with everyone to raise our charm, I’m not sure what the point is to implying our MC’s orientation.

Unless you made other non-flirty ways to raise charm? Or decide to have us flirt with candles instead? :candle:


While I was doing a quick run through myself, I realized Kyou only mentioned “Akane” regardless? (I was just skimming through, so my memories a bit hazy.) When it comes to Kyou depending on your sexual orientation, he/she should mention “Akane” or “Akemi”. Akane is the female counterpart, while Akemi should be male. Have any of your play throughts came across with the mentioning of Akemi?

Yes, having high charm will give you extra options when it comes to negotiating or talk your way out and there are a lot of choices where your charm will raise and most of them are non-romantic or flirty.