Wraiths of SENTINEL—Dying made you the perfect spy!

We’re proud to announce that Wraiths of SENTINEL, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, Android, and on iOS in the “Choice of Games” app.

It’s 33% off until September 23rd!

Dying made you the perfect spy! Will you use your phantom powers to defend the United States government, or overthrow it?

Wraiths of SENTINEL is a 250,000-word interactive novel by Paul Gresty where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You are a phantom being of supernatural energy, working as a covert intelligence operative for SENTINEL, a secretive government agency. Your unrivaled powers of surveillance can safeguard the freedom of the country; your paranormal wraith abilities will make the difference between being hunter and prey.

SENTINEL has tasked you to investigate the No-State Separatists, a ruthless band of domestic terrorists. Can you uncover a link to the extreme-right True Freedom Party? Your investigation will delve into the realm of political corruption, draw you into the spirit world, and bring you to the nexus of all reality itself.

As you’ll soon discover, the true threat to the nation is far closer than you’d ever imagined.

• Play as male, female, or nonbinary; straight, gay, bi, or beyond notions of mortal sexuality
• Investigate enemies of the state with two other wraiths, Marly and Zhou, as well as a range of field operatives and high-tech equipment
• Pursue romance with a fellow wraith, a sorcerer, or a medium
• Explore the cause of your own mortal death! What role did MetaHuman Inc. play in your demise?
• Go rogue! Escape detection by the best ghost-hunters in the world
• Return to your mortal, human life—or revel in the abilities you possess as a wraith, forever
• Prevent god-like power from falling into the wrong hands—or pursue that power for yourself!

The fate of the world is in your intangible hands!

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Awesome… Just got it, the demo was very good. Congratulations again.


Sounds great. Can’t wait to get my ghost on.


Nice! I’ve been waiting for this one. Cheers.


Congrats! :ghost: :us: :male_detective:


I’ve been wraithing to get my incorporeal hands on this!


So what the opinion on this one people? Plot/romances any good?


Congrats on the release! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’d like to know more about the romance too


Sorry if i’m not getting it, but it’s kind of akward how the guile/truthfulness system makes it so you can either tell only the truth or only lies? Like having high guile makes it so people never actually trust you when you’re telling the truth


The stats change without me do jack like i have no choices and they just change numbers


Early on, I know there is a moment your stats reset; but it is super early and makes sense as to why.

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For me, stats seemed to change pretty wildly and unpredictably in the early part of the game, but it did settle down eventually.


I finished it. To say that this game relies heavily on the stats is a monumental understatement. I feel like every choice I’ve ever picked had to check at least one or two stats for me to pass, which kind of gets in the way of roleplaying.

I want to play as a certain character, but the stiff restrictions prohibits me from acting the way I intended. Maybe the author can add some indicators as to what stat each option would check?

Other than that small bump, the game was certainly fun. In the end, I managed to save the world, get rid of that slimy Graff, the red rain, solve the original mission, kill a lot of characters, fall for a magician, and become some sort of God.

Romance-wise, I’d say it wasn’t that captivating but there were certain moments that made me go ‘aww’. The game is very action oriented and romance feels like an afterthought, which is okay.


Has anyone found a way to raise multiple stats. In particular possession? I can only raise it to 33


Congrats to the author <3

Was wondering that too. It feels like an underdeveloped skill.

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I have to say that this story was a disappointment to me. Some of the choices are just a variation of the same choice and therefore there is only an illusion of choice.

I am in front of 2 doors, door 1 and door 2.
A) go to door 1
B) go to the door that is not door 2

I identify myself as:
A) gay
B) not straight

I haven’t finished playing yet, but so far it’s been interesting! I’ve yet to see how exactly it will play out, entirely. Sometimes new ideas don’t exactly get executed in the ways the audience might expect at the beginning. So far, I’m still hooked in playing as a wraith, and in what exactly is happening behind the scenes with these human organizations.

However, as a nonbinary player, I can’t help but feel the option to play as such was tacked on just to get a wider market audience. There’s been a few instances in the writing where it seems to forget that we are present too, reading this book/game. Phrases like “he or she” can be very jarring for players like myself when reading something that allows nonbinary characters to be an option. (Or rather, nonbinary main characters, as opposed to additional nonbinary cast.)

It’s not the first time I’ve seen a COG do this, either, and I don’t think it’ll be the last. It’s still disappointing each time it happens, though.

That being said, this is one of the newer COG books that has genuinely caught my interest in a while. I hope that remains true by the end of the game, though for right now, I’m still planning on playing through this at least a second time.


I can not name on instance where this happened.

I can not name on instance where this happened.

I wish to be identified as a straight woman before I become a wraith. Tell me, what should I choose?