Wraiths of SENTINEL—Dying made you the perfect spy!

Either of the woman options. Not every game has you define your orientation, you just pick a RO.



Thank you for confirming the choices, and subsequently, naming your instance.

I was at work and couldnt reply but I saw that you linked a picture of choices which allowed you to choose if your character was cisgender ( not transgender), transgender or non binary. Just to make sure that you know that none of those choices have anything to do with picking if your character is not straight, the questions were asking if you wanted to play as a cis/trans/ non binary option. This game doesnt block you from any RO based on your characters gender.


It was fairly stat heavy, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I just wish sometimes that there was a more obvious indication of which stat a certain choice could raise because that lost me sometimes.


I could not find a way to romance the sorcerer dude. I keep finding myself in the same situations… unable to increase stats sufficiently to encounter them again?