Worth making or Nah?

I’ve been reading Choice of Games for awhile now and I love it since I am always trying to read new content. I was thinking on trying to write one of these games because 1) I’m mainly bored and have ideas in my head and 2) I want to challenge myself as I was never the greatest story teller (always to poetry). Anyways I have a couple ideas but this is one of them:

Stitched Apart: You were supposed to start your life anew,to change your life you’ve been dealt. It was looking like a possibility but the problem? Who knew guarding the kings daughter would be this much trouble. Are you going to keep her kept safe from outside dangers and from herself?Will your life ever be put together or will it always be stitched Apart?

Play as:Male,Female,Or Non-Binary
Choose to be:Gay, Straight,or Bi
Choose your background whether that is: Rehabilitated Criminal, Struggling Farmer, A Discharged Soilder, Disgruntled Former Royalty.
Their would be Romanceable characters. Idk how many their will be, I’m thinking 1 per backstory?

This will be a learning experience and since I have no laptop or computer so I really can’t do it comfortably do it anytime soon.
If this does interest you please let me know. Much Love :blush::100:


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