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This is the country of Rakisho where the magic though exists is not for everyone, every ten people three have the possibility to become a user of magic, and only the chosen ones have the right to use a technique long forgotten and remembered only in dusty books, these people had the power to manifest their own soul in the physical world these people were called Summoners. But the chosen ones are not necessarily good, there was one whose name was forgotten, but their atrocities still reign in legends, like the tyrant whose soul was the devil himself, more than a thousand years ago after his defeat at the hands of a mysterious hero . Rakisho is now governed by the council, a select group of people who care for and protect their citizens. This group meets in Council Hall, located in the largest and richest city, Tasagar composed of different races such as the graceful Elves and the robust Dwarves, besides the Animas, whose appearance is human but with traces of animals, usually of wolves or cats.
Despite this greatness this city is not for everyone, especially for you, born in the village of Flok in a humble family of farmers and hunters, you live with your parents and your younger sister, you dream someday go to town and see what it has to offer, but fate likes to play tricks …

Well people here it, the epilogue, i hope you like the premisce, sugesstions, criticism, questions or just a comment is welcome.

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Summoners Versus GAMTC

A gamtc pilot kidnapped your sibling (or a summoner kidnapped your sibling if you choose to play gamtc) and you have to save them but you are not allowed because going into enemy territory would break the fragile peace that exists between the two factions so you have to make some difficult choices about how to proceed with your mission.


WOW is an interesting idea, it may be a good way out for my indecision beyond that eventually filling certain gaps in the script. But what is better a Magical Mecha or a solid soul?


Maybe, you should create a poll.


Its possible? How i do a poll?


When typing can you see that wrench it has a option create poll


thanks for the info.


I found this link - through this you can learn all basic features available on forum


I really like both ideas, though I must say I’m too obsessed with mecha to not vote for it. If anything why not try writing a bit of both and see which is more enjoyable and comes more naturally to you?

I sometimes have ideas that are amazing in theory but once I start writing they don’t come out very well.


I have already written a small part of the Tales of Summoner story but I am a big fan of the mecha genre so I want to write something with that genre, Tales of Summoner is more of an epic, a tale of a person in search of their Dearest One, while Cyber Age turns more to a war drama side where every decision can affect the full course of history and war.


And today a epilogue is posted.


Do we get to choose our species at the beginning of the game? If so, what are the animal options for the Animas?


Yes you can choose your race, i plan every race has a particular trait, about Animas my first plan is to be a sort of hibrid human with a wolf or a cat but i think to put other Mammals,The decision of the anima is more esthetic.

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