"Master of Magic" W.I.P

I am making a new game which is about magic. Mostly about magic not to much stuff about romance but I may include a little but not much. Anyways I am thinking about ways I can make this better and I have got a small description of the game. I have put in stats which are: Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Void (Being the rarest and hardest to get in the game for good reason), Divine, Necromancy, Summoning, Illusion, and Healing. I have several skill traits besides the magic and this is the description.

When the world was in peril from immortal beings know as the Voidlords, hero’s raised up to stop them. They succeeded in banishing them to the void once again but at a cost. They all died in the ritual to banish them. The bodies were never found and they were worshiped as heroes of the world. After thirty years pass, the Voidlord incident isn’t to big a deal anymore. Lots of people know magic and they thrive because of it. You live a normal life and hope to become a magician one day. One day, however, changes everything for you as you find yourself going across the lands to become a master of magic.

Yeah so that’s my description of the game but I don’t know if it’s good or not. I’m not trying to win any awards or anything, I’m just making a game for my friends and me (and maybe try to get it to be a game? IDK.) and have fun making it! Any tips or suggestions would be nice as I do want more magic types.


So are the Voidlords going to pop up again or are they just more of background information? And are the Divine, Necromancer, etc. stats going to be the same as the elemental style stats, it seems like that will add up to be a lot of choices is the reason I ask.

But it seems interesting enough and I would be interested to see the adventure our MC goes on and what we do with our power.

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interesting, you have my attention.

The Voidlords are basically going to be the final enemy or at least one of them will be. Also the Divine/Necromancer are more powerful types of spells. Their will be choices that let you increase elements or one of the more powerful spells. They will be useful for different scenarios and also I will be adding good/evil in the game to let more choices in the game too.


just added an inventory! This is going to be good… :wink:


I am happy that you have the bravery to put your story forward but like that I feel like you should actually do in-depth research and magical and religious traditions it would be a great source of inspiration. Read old legends myth. Look at how the Egyptians practice magic look at hermetics. Do you still want to be inspired by Western influences check out the Jewish and Christian along with Muslim mystical traditions. Or read the Vedas what is Buddhist sutras. For example does elemental aspects come from the Greco Roman philosophical and religious traditions. And we know them and the most superficial way so they just look kind of tacked on. You are brave my friend for putting your story forward but read more and play less video games or play really interesting but read more fiction read more literature read more myth and understand their meanings read more things about ancient life read about old magic not this neopagan bullshit.

How video games are notorious for showing magic in a non-mystical way and if you take the mystical aspects of magic it just comes off as another boring tool and cliché. Gaming wise if you want to see magic done in a postmodern setting read unkown army it has a i a book series too it weird disturbing confusing paradoxical.

Because my friend again you’re brave for putting it forward but your story sounds like so many I heard before in bad Rpg maker games.

I agree. Doing research on magic and it’s history could help expand your game’s lore and give you insight on what to write if you’re stumped.

I however caution to not say it sounds like other games. I’d say wait until there is a working demo and the author firmly has a story plot in place. Plus there could be rewrites of the story, characters, setting and a bunch of other things because the author wants to. Take this with a grain of salt. Unlike video games, the community(us) can actively help make this game better and we can actually play it enough to gage whether we like it or not. If I sounded offense, sorry but don’t judge this quite yet without really seeing anything of substance.


I’m not trying to be judgmental but from the information that’s given it sounds terribly generic. About terrible generic can be done well and even interestingly if you introvert the tropes have a good comedy sharp writing etc. but again we have so little work with so I’m going to give my opinion if I asked. I understand to the future research because it’s overwhelming or lease feels that way in the start if you’re doing yourself due diligence.

Am EXTREMELY interested in your WIP.

Spell weaving? Combining different elements

Can you make a “Wind Element”? I notice that you didn’t add wind element I like to be a Wind user to your story

You have my attention, good sir! I’d be interested in seeing where this goes.

Master of Magic is probably the best game of all time, imo. If you’re trying to base a game on the old DOS game of the same name, you are a massochist and saint. And liable to be grumbled at if things don’t filter right through the nostalgia glasses, or praised unendingly if they do.

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I am doing research but I don’t want to copy/paste too much. I also could add spell crafting that let’s somebody have a unique type of spell. There would be a lot of choices in this area to so I could make it a bit more interesting. I am dong research (like I said) about mostly Greek/Roman magic and gods and stuff like that. I also am not trying to copy any game @Shawn_Patrick_Reed but if I do I am sorry. I don’t do this to copy, I do this for fun. I really want to make a game and this feedback was helpful. I can put in more things if you want but I don’t really know what to put in. I’m a decent writer but I can’t think about this stuff. I also don’t want to get into the story and have to go back to put in something I forgot to put in. I’m lazy like that but I just want to make a game, show it to my friends and family and hopefully make more.

Ahm, understood. There’s an old game called Master of Magic. It was released in 1994, and I still think of it as probably the best game of all time, of all I’ve played, for me.

I get you aren’t trying to copy. I mean, now, as you made a point of it. Just it’s like, if someone made a game called ‘Grease’, someone would associate it with the movie. Or ‘Bleach’, well, someone would associate it with the anime, even if they make the game about washing sheets. Even if it has nothing to do with the association.

I hope that you make a good game- I do admit I kinda hope you title it something other than ‘Master of Magic’, but even if you do I’ll do away with prior associations and consider it on its own merit. Enjoy the creation process. : )

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Thanks. I really appreciate it!

Add magical items and magic currency

what do you mean by magic currency @DUNGEON_MASTER? Magic items I get but shouldn’t t just be standard currency like gold?

I may end up scratching this idea to make a more ‘original’ idea. I don’t know about a title but I have a bit of an idea rolling in my head.

I’ll make a new post.