[WIP] Of Royal Birth & Forlorn Fate -- Make your own destiny! (~35k) [Next update 15 October 2023]

SECRET NON-BUMPING UPDATE IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE READING THIS–Things are going very well with writing but editing is going very poorly and i don’t want to upload anything substandard. There will be updates. Thank you :slight_smile: (15 november 2023)

Of Royal Birth & Forlorn Fate


You were born to a widely-adored King and Queen. Unfortunately, so were your two brothers–years earlier. With little chance of inheriting the throne, you’ll need to seek your destiny elsewhere.

This is (my latest attempt at) a fantasy story about a medieval-style kingdom and a royal child trying to find their place in it. I’ve written the first few chapters of this story five times and i have no idea if this version is the right one, though it’s certainly taken the most work (probably not a good sign).

Every time i solicit feedback on this story something in my life goes completely off the rails and I can’t keep writing, so… hopefully that doesn’t happen for a third time! And if it does, i’ll eventually be back with another version of this topic that simply won’t die!

Anyhow, enjoy! Feedback can be DM’d, posted in this thread, sent to spokeswriter@protonmail.com, or pinned to the bulletin board at my local chess club. My one ask request desperate prayer is that we don’t spend hundreds of posts arguing about political marriages. please, anything else. thank you :slight_smile:

Here is the link: https://dashingdon.com/go/14633


Will we be able to get out the forced marriage when the kings situation is sorted? I wanted to go a down a path where I don’t do that. Good start


(i’m not going to answer every question about the plot that comes up but this is an important one and i don’t want anybody to think they’ll be locked into that path so yes absolutely, that’s one of the first big branching points)



I’m stuck in a loop. After visiting garden, then dungeon, then throne room, I get sent to dungeon and throne room again. Is that supposed to be like that?

Ah, I see what I did. Sorry! It’s been fixed. that is, i think, the one specific order that breaks that chapter. I’ve uploaded a version with a fix.

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I think there’s a stats bug. I chose empathy as my primary trait, but kept failing stat checks. When I went to the stats page to see why, the stat that had been affected by my choices, even when the text indicated I was successfully increasing empathy, had gone into resourcefulness.

Did I do something wrong? All the stat involving choices are so high like 50 or 60+ and my highest stat is only like 30 or 35.

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Thanks that all I wanted to know. I won’t bleed u for more spoilers.

Yeah I think a few are too high at the start. Maybe it should be lowered a bit until we get to a point where getting that score is possible

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I would like to take over the throne…After all, that’s most fun thing about playing royal MCs!


All stat checks are impossible to do because all require 55+ which isn’t obtainable.


Ah, I see it. Sorry! I had tested a version where stats start at 25 and one where they start at 50 and used the checks from the wrong one. I’ll fix it shortly, thanks


Intuition just grows in the first choice that affect stats



I wanted to go help Palmer, instead I was redirected to a scene where I sipposedly decided to go to the apothecary with the queen.

I think the only route that is written for now is apothecary one


Yep. I stay at the castle but I was also sent there

It’s unlikely to happen in this wip through being the last heir which was why the forced marriage is thrown at us. I mean guess u could use you could be cunning and make them both look bad which doesn’t seem that difficult since they still not ready or taking it seriously yet. The hard part is winning over everyone since we have basically been forgotten about

stats aren’t being added to stat page @SpokesWriter

Hello all! Thanks for all these notes, i know the stats are still a bit messy but i thought they were working. I’ll be editing next week and should have everything fixed when the next version is uploaded next Sunday night (08 October) (i know that’s a full week out but I don’t want to rush the fixes.)

Planned plot minor half-spoiler, since it’ll eventually be in the game description

this will be possible, but… you know. it’s very unlikely to happen without the MC’s involvement, so if you want to play a character that goes down that path, it’s a messy one.


Man of course I remember this WIP before it was taken down, do remember people being annoyed about the apprenticeships and how those were a bit too unambitious for a third Prince, nice to see it back writer and with it perphaps the same doubts regarding the different paths the MC can take.

Certain stats do not work well still,here some bugs that I’ve noticed, each time you increase your Intuition while spying your brothers it doesn’t register, then there is the scene when Florida boasts about becoming the next King while the siblings’ father is dying thing here is the game doesn’t recognise you supporting Florian or Palmer there is no relationship increase.

As a veteran reader here are some questions I believe we didn’t get an answer for regarding the arranged marriage route:

Like if we choose to be the King/Queen consort of Crotor, will we have political independence on that court? Will we be able to influence what happens in Evergreen like through intrigue and such(or even unite both Kingdoms under our rulership if something happens to our brothers)? Will we be able to outclass our consort and practically rule Crotor? Will we be able to get a family of our own? Will we be able to get lovers on the side beside our consort?

Other inquiries I have is regarding the non marriage/old apprenticeship route:

Like will we be able to learn under higher profile figures of the Kingdom(as the other time ago you basically threw a Blacksmith, an apothecary and a low ranked Knight as mentors which honestly was dissapointing)? Will we be able to build our own powerbase within Evergreen and seize the Throne with our supporters? Will marriage proposals appear from nobles when we remain at Evergreen?

Seriously I could be here asking stuff all day as the two routes seem genuinely different and it is easy to see the narrative paths giving us alternative experiences, here hoping these have the same levels of quality and keep you engaged even if the stakes are different.