[WIP] Of Royal Birth & Forlorn Fate -- Make your own destiny! (~35k) [Next update 15 October 2023]

Has the game been fixed/updated yet🤔 cause stats still don’t add🥲

tonight! just polishing some code. There won’t be a ton of new content this week, but everything should work as expected and i’ll be soliciting bug feedback specifically once the new version is up. See you in a few hours :slight_smile:


the new version is now live! All the available paths are now complete through the end of Chapter 4 and I’m optimistic that the stat bugs have been handled. If you see any, please grab screenshots and post/DM/email and i’ll get them fixed ASAP. Next Sunday’s release will include the rough draft of chapter 5. Cool!


The player will have a great deal of agency on any of the major paths in the game, this one included. The heir of Crotor is (obviously) an RO, but there are others as well. Even after following this path and ending up wed to the heir, there will be other RO options. At this point I can’t promise a full-on polyamory experience (as i’ve never coded one before and any CS author will tell you that managing a variable amount of characters in a scene is the biggest headache possible) but i would really, really like this to be a potential option and I’ll make it extremely clear if it’s something readers can expect in the final product or not.


Really nice to know we won’t be locked to the Crotor heir after accepting the marriage, if polyamory resonates with your story I’ll be more than happy to play through it.

Hopefully even if we are in the neighbouring Kingdom we’ll have some sort of agency or ways of knowing/influencing what happens in our home turf.

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I like this quite a lot. Sending you good vibes!

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