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So. First time game maker, long time lurker. I’ve been working on an idea that I’m finally going to attempt to write out! (Assuming of course, I can freaking get ahold of this choice script and Dashingdon!) Anyways, the idea is basically like it says in the subject. A magical, post-apocalyptic modern world, inspired heavily by Rifts if any of you know the material. While the ideas are inspired, the story is going to be original. I assure you.

I will warn now. I am a huge fan of foreign cultures and mythical creatures. But I am not Chinese. So I shall apologize now for any mythical mistakes I make about the subjects of the story. I please ask that anyone who does notice these mistakes point them out to me so that I may be able fix them.

WIP is up, but I still offer you a funny dance.

Things you should know about the Story


he basic idea of the story is that you are a relatively new mercenary/adventurer to the world and you’ve recently picked up a job that is highly dangerous (but extremely well-paying) for reasons of your own choosing. You join an expedition to delve into the extremely dangerous land of China, a land said to be overrun with demons and magic, and surrounded in an impenetrable fog that messes with magic and technology alike. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a story if everything went according to plan so you must deal with everything not going according to plan while stuck in a land that is not your own.


*Angela: Your employer. She’s the person who put this all together. She can be a bit prickly and abrasive. She’s no nonsense and she is a bit upset with having to deal with your group.

Ethan: A kid, more deserving of the title than you, who has short choppy hair and an energy that is generally not seen in this post-apoc wasteland. He has an odd upbringing for a human and this will be his first adventure! However, he is by far one of the smartest people on the troop and he’s eager to prove himself on the trip.

Cecily: A saddletramp from Texas, with dark purple hair and an eye patch over her left eye, she seems oddly relaxed and bored despite the location. She seems to seek danger and doesn’t seem to care if there is a chance to get out of the danger. However, there’s more to the story of this woman than what’s on the surface.

Frank: A Glacial Mage who is silent and tends not to speak much. He’s a rather burly fellow, with a big beard. He seems to be running from something but he’s not interesting in telling you just what that is as he doesn’t know you that well.


Gunslinging: Like it sounds. It’s the ability use guns and stuff. Easy enough.

Melee: The use of Close Quarter Combat weaponry to take down your foes.

Magic: The more extensive of the choices, the magic section is again, like it sounds. The use of magic to take down your enemies and defend yourself. And for use of utility reasons.

Infernal: Despite the name, it has little to do with demons. It’s the magic that does with fire manipulation, ash, smoke and lava. Mages of this type are almost pure offensive.

Glacial: This is the magic subtype that has to do with ice, cold, and water. Users of this magic have a rather wide variety of offensive and defensive capabilities.

Tempest: This is the magic subtype that has to do with lightning, thunder, wind and weathers. Users of this magic have a variety of utility and offensive capabilities.

Spiritual: This is the magic subtype that is related to necromancy, spirit summoning, defending against spirits, and communicating with them. This style of magic is a good medium for any form of style. One can protect against spirits and their attempts to attack but can also summon forth spirits to inhabit dead bodies or in their true forms to assist in battle in additiont to talking with spirits and communicating with them.


Minor Update (10/15/17) Finally got the WIP progress working and fixed my issue with the stat screen with help with a friend who know coding much better in general…Syntax errors are the worst. But anyways, hopefully I shall have a WIP for you guys to check out soon.

WIP Upload (10/16/17) Well, I figured I’d out to upload what I’ve managed to get down. The first chapter is getting fairly deep and finding the small bugs that in there is getting harder and harder on my own. And, that being said, I’m fairly eager to share the first few things I’ve got down. So…without further adieu enjoy! And please, report any spelling errors and code errors. Note: I am aware of the problem with the hair color “custom hair color” option. I’m working on the fix now.

Minor Update: (10/17/17) Fixed grammatical errors brought to my attention. Altered Flirt choice. Fixed name and hair input issues. Fixed issue with Why China? choice. Fixed questions to Angela so they should be hidden after choosing one. Game demo should stop after asking Angela’s questions.

WIP Link: https://dashingdon.com/go/1854

Link should no longer be private…sorry bout that. :sweat_smile:


It sounds really interesting! I always enjoying seeing stories that contain elements of mythical legends and folklore. I’m curious, would this post-apocalyptic world be based almost entirely on Chinese mythology, or would it be a case of different mythical and magical elements appearing depending on which country the character’s in? Say, for instance, kobolds taking over the mountains of Germany and leprechauns running amok in Ireland. :yum:


It would be more akin to the latter. Different regions would have different mythical monsters running amok corresponding to their legends. Chinese mythology will be the most prevalent in this game because that’s where most of it is.


I look forward to more dancing!


Well, I’m not Chinese either but I hope this helps!
Magical / Mythical Creatures
List of Magical/Mythical Creatures


Has potential. Magic and mythical creatures? Sign me up!


That sounds like so much fun! :blush:


Nice moves you got there. Looking forward for more funny dance moves.


Are you aware the game is set to private?


You might want to fix the save slots.


Working on that at the moment. Like I said, I’m newer to the Choiceofscript, so I’m still dealing with learning some of this stuff.


Ah. I was not. I’ll fix that right now.


You have to add *sm_init Mystic China | 3 in your game startup.txt


Thanks, but I managed to figure it out. I was briefly confused as I thought I needed to sm_save and sm_load to it too, but when I realized that I didn’t, it went much smoother.


I found error:

This also possible mistakes that I found before error above:



I think it’s better if or become and :thinking:

I don’t think this should be like this. Try [i]that[/i] instead?

Should be hair, no capitalization.

I think this should be fine


Thank you! I’ll get to work on finding those and sprucing them up.


You know, this now remind me of that one movie. (that I still can’t remember)

Also, got this.


Ah yes. I noticed that one. Trying to figure out why that particular one is happening. I’m wondering if I coded it wrong or perhaps if I am using the wrong command. I’ll try to have it fixed soon.

Hmmm, The Forbidden Kingdom, maybe?


I found something

Loving the concept so far! I’m still fairly new here wandering around the forum. I’ll be following your progress from now on. Keep up the good work


I also tried the 4th question as well, gave me the same problem. I wasn’t thinking about Forbidden Kingdom, the movie came out like a month ago, I believe.