(WiP) Fantasy Genre

Hello everyone, i am new to the forum community, but not to CoG. i have played and bought many of these amazing games and wanted to poke at the idea of creating my very own game. i wont go into details about the story line or its contents(not spoiling), but wanted to ask what you (the people on the forum) would like to see incorporated into my game.

it will take place in the Middle Age period of time, with the twist of women and men having equal rights in most aspects of the world (that is to say, both genders will be playable), magic is limited but does exist in society, and i am hoping to put a little romance into it to make it more enjoyable for readers.

(if i figure out how to put up a demo, i will)


That definitely sounds like the basis of most fantasy pieces on here. Without detail I’d say you’re doing fine. Write it in your style and keep it up!

Will there be any fantasy race options (i.e. elves, gnomes, or something entirely different)? Also, will the MC get to choose his or her social standing or occupation?

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I like medieval light fantastic societies, I love political intrigues, court dancing mystery and of course possibility of being ruthless and power hungry. Conquer my realm using spies and poison while looking great in my amazing night gown

Well, I find medieval games to be kinda burnt out to be honest. And your description is rather standard for the gender. But I’m always open minded about WIPs so, who knows, you might end up blowing my mind. A bit more details about the plot would be appreciated, even if it’s vague, just to have an idea.

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@MKing, if you include every starting race from Nethack/Slash’em, you have my undying respect.

(Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Gnome, Vampire, Drow, Doppelgänger, Lycanthrope)

Race is a bit tricky, as every race has (essentially) their own story. a back drop story plus the intended story is very much possible, along with unique choices, during the main story, based on the picked beginning race… :wink:

Kind of like what @Hanon_Ondricek said, it sounds like a lot of fantasy games on this site, as well as in the fantasy genre in general. Without much else to go on, my interest is piqued, but what are you going to write about that’ll make it stand out?
(And I am so sorry, I know that came out sounding really mean and callous, that wasn’t my intent I really wanna know more about your story!)
While equal rights for both genders is nice, how much will it affect the story? Like Broadsides, where it was completely flipped for gender roles or in @Sashira’s WIP, where your race affects which characters are available to talk to, or how YOU, the Reader, and YOUR gender is perceived.
I’m also really curious how much the setting will affect the story. Like, does it take place at sea? In a desert? Is it always raining or chilly? Little things like that will change the culture of the world you’re building, and help it stand out among other similar stories.

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@River the gender you choose to play will not flip the genders of NPCs, so that if you are intrigued by a certain character you might be able to romance him/her some how… your race will affect available dialog with characters you attempt to talk to, so careful. :wink:

i have a few surprises to have my game stand out, in its own way (that i wont spoil)… i for one have played some games where i wish i could have done something to save someone or stop something from happening. i am hoping to allow readers just that in my game. :smiley:


Link type Elf ftw! :smile:

Will there be more than two


Please be more specific in your question…

I ment romance sorry dident put it

i am hoping to be able to put more than a few romance options. however, romance isn’t exactly my strong suit, but i plan on giving it my best shot! :slight_smile:

I think this has potential and for races you could play I think a race that has angelic or demonic traits would be cool like a nephilim or a cambion. I also like the idea of vampire or werewolf characters.

Wohoop, no necro allowed bud. Per keep tidy rule.
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