[WIP] Dancing with Demons (restart from scratch)

will this be out on chrome or steam?

It will be on Chrome but not on Steam :slight_smile:

I got the game on chrome web store. Gender is not defined, no matter which option I choose at the beginning. Is it male by default?
If so, I think I just ended up as a bearded man wearing a black little dress with high heeled boots and red lipstick…

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I am about to start my next game. This time, I plan it to be bigger (100 - 120 000 words). It will not be related to Dancing with Demons, but I was thinking that it may feature some one of the characters from Dancing.

Which one would you like to meet again? I think I like Shikiski a lot and I didn’t give her enough attention last time. Or what about Lima, the Goatfather or why not the Mother Demon?

How do I stop Lauren from becoming a vampire?

@Pineapples You need to have 2 points in intuition in order to get the vision of what is going to happen in the church (Lauren being transformed by the reptilian). You also need 3 point of relations with her so that she either pays attention to your warning or agrees not to enter the church at all.

Thank you. I’ve read through all the romances and I love it! Can’t wait until you come out with a longer game.


How bout the Goatfather?

He requires protection more than 55 and humanity more than one (you get humanity from the last dialogue with the mother demon).

hey I like it not bad not bad at all cant wait for more

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Hello, sorry to disturb but it there development plan about a steam - version game? Really interested about this game but sadly I can only pay through steam………

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