[WIP] Dancing with Demons (restart from scratch)



One thing led to another and I came back to this WiP and now I have a 9-k-word demo. It is quite different from the older version, so I decided to start a new topic.

I would like to invite the guys who read the former versions to take a look at the reloaded version: @Dark_Stalker, @Doctor, @that1german, @RagEgnite, @AquosBoost, @Ivyazraeldrake, @AdamGoodtime, @vampierkid222.

Thanks for the support, guys. I am not sure I deserve it ;).


Ok. That’s odd. When I click the link I get som weird kind of double screen.

Never seen that before…


I am having the same problem, but its only the first page. In addition, the upper screen and the button on the first page don’t work either. (Only the lower one does) Restarting the game also seems to solve the problem, but refreshing the entire page makes the double screen pop up.

The game itself is interesting.The way you are implementing the skills is also interesting, but I would have liked it if they were given stat points as well. It would mean that the skills can be taken further. There are also a couple of minor bugs here and there (Dead ends with no options, and visible if statements), but I am guessing it is a rough draft.


@Mayday, what you’ve got is really cool; can’t wait for more!
I don’t have too much feedback other than the fact I like it, but since you put out the Doc Signal ™ I felt like I needed to say at least that.


I read the former :stuck_out_tongue: I was kind of sad when I saw it wasn’t being continued at all.


It’s so different from the other one

EDIT: i got a bug 524 after hitting take one. (the potion scene.


I like it, especially with the the pc being a demon and knowing about it without complaining. I at first thought we were female by default.( which I’m so happy that we are not it’s just more relatable for me to pick male). Can’t wait for more of it!


Thank you guys. I really wish I could spend more time writing the story.

There really is a potential dead end in the scene with the Goatfather. After being returned about 30 times by the quick test, I completely forgot about random test. I should fix that before next installment.

The gender of the pc is appears as female (in the stats section) before the player makes that choice (in the opening scene). I guess I should fix that too.


That was the first thing I thought about and checked it because of your last thread.


I liked the new one but when I decided to take a potion when talking to goatfather I couldn’t go to the graveyard


After a long pause, I am starting to work on the project again. @Observer, I am changing the mechanics by adding stats for each of the skills and they will increase every time you use the particular skill. I think @Lucid is a genious for bringing a rarely used game mechanic and making it work fine, so I will try to do that.


Practice makes power…


I want to ask if that scene could be regarded as too graphical for the requirements of iTunes:

*label share
*set rel_lauren 2
Your hands entangle her waist as you step forward to the victim. In that moment, you don’t regard him as a human being. He is just a piece of energy, the main
coarse of a feast.

“I am {a} {succubus}, our mode of feeding is… a bit more sensual.”

“I know very well what you are. Just relax and trust me. You may experience sensory overload.” Her sweet warm breath already has you struggling for breath.

She bites the neck of the man and takes a noisy gulp, then turns towards you and gives you a kiss. You moan, a wave of intense pleasure ripples throughout your body. Somewhere
in the back of your mind, you feel disgusted by the sticky metallic taste of blood, but it doesn’t bother you too much.

You don’t know how many times she repeats the procedure, but when you are finished, the man is cold. You don’t have the capacity to experience
regret for what you did, your brain swimming in pleasure hormones. Judging by the look on Lauren’s face, she feels no different.

You try to clean yourself as much as you can, then tightly embraced, you head back to the orphanage campus.

*set blood +1
*set light -6
(Health and Darkness increase)


I remember that the first heroes rise had a few scenes like that with Black Magic so I think your ok.


The WiP is almost 20 k words so far and I think it is a nice milestone to present you an update of the demo. I plan it to be around 45-50 k words, just like the Path of Light and its sequel.


I would also like to show you the title picture I will probably buy.


I was trapped in a loop with the ghost and a corrupt soul and I died.


Thank you very much, @Dark_Stalker. It should be ok now. So your align with darkness and protection. Nice!


The evil guy who helps his friends.
Just did a retribution version I am surprised he didn’t give me a hassle.


Ok since I don’t want to be bound just refuse the second gift…


I just hit the 35-k-word mark, so I am slowly approaching the target of 50 k. I guess some people will be disappointed by the length but I guess I have not reached the point of being patent enough to get something bigger out.

Maybe next time.

I will upload it once I am done. I believe it would be tedious for testers to start from the beginning every time I write 10 000 words.