(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated August 24)

This is my first game using Choicescript, and also the first book I’ve ever written using my own original characters and story. Um.

New Demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/aequa/curse-of-the-spirit/mygame/

So far, there are four chapters posted, which is around 22,000 words.


Who are the ROs? So far, I have Leo, Saro, Theta, and Lilith planned as possible ROs. There’s a possibility that two more will be added to that. If I can manage it.


this isn’t done ok hold on


this also isn’t done idk man


I’m currently finished with what I’m considering the beginning portion of the game, which consists of six chapters and around 30,000 words. Chapter One, Two, Three, and Four are completed and uploaded. Chapter Five is being edited. The rest are written and I’m one or two chapters into the middle portion of the game.

My Tumblr, where you can ask questions anonymously if you’re a shyboi like me. I also post updates.


{You don’t spit. :frowning: } hahaha


I love how we have the option to spit on Lilith. xD

Typo I found
  • From the neatness of the room and absense of people, the building seems completely vacant.


  • Leo runs up the stairs at the end of the hall, grabbing your wrist again to pull you with. The weak muscles in your legs pull unbareably,


  • You rub your temples and stand from the desk. He watches you move to the window wobbily.


Okay, now that aside i like this story and how this all going, how many ro you plan to have?

Interesting. If I’m understanding correctly, a conflict is bw your new life and your former, quieter life and adjusting to your new one?

I enjoyed the current build. Hope to see more!

I quite enjoyed the demo myself. Good work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I appreciate you finding typos! I’m still considering having romance at all, but I don’t know what a game is without it… so it will likely happen. There would be at least 4 ROs!

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Yes, there’s an underlying conflict between those two. It will have an effect on the story and people’s opinions of you in later chapters. And thanks! :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed what you have so far i cant wsit to see how the story develops

Yes, this seems so cool! And well thought out. I’m glad you pushed yourself to show this. I can’t wait to see more.
I laughed at the spit option😂 that was unique


You don’t spit : (

10/10 -IGN

Seriously, this is pretty good. I wouldn’t stress over plot lines and perfecting everything too much, especially with this being a first project for you. Obsessively editing unfinished projects, especially in its early stages, just leads to burnout. Take it from me, I’ve been working on 5 chapters of one story for like… 4 years now. Lol. Just have fun with it and edit after getting feedback.

Anyway, what you do have so far is fine! You have a great writing style. One thing I noticed is that to me it seems kind of boilerplate “chosen one” story at the moment. I’m sure you have interesting things planned, though, so I won’t pass much judgement. I think the characters are pretty compelling, and are probably what I enjoyed the most.

Keep it up, good luck!


Let me guess, Leo, Saro, Theta, and Mom

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I don’t think incest will be featured in the game.


Oh my goodness :scream: :nauseated_face:




w h a t the h e c k.


I love all the comments are about the spit option lol. I meant to take it out the next update but now I kinda wanna leave it in. :joy:

Thank you so much. Your words mean a ton to me! I’m glad someone understands :’)

I guess that’s something I never realized after putting most of my focus into characters and world-building. I’ll try my best to steer it away from that! I suppose since I can’t control the MC as much as the other characters, I put more effort into them, Leo mostly, which is not good. Thanks for your feedback!


It’s interesting can’t wait for more

I just updated the stats page to have a journal (basically a glossary) so that if you’re confused about Spirits or anything, you can read more about it there. I’m going to add more “doodles” from the MC later. I guess this is a good time to ask if larger, slower updates are better than faster, small ones?

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lol that’s how I felt about another WIP