(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated August 24)

I would say larger slower updates are the way to go. But do what you feel won’t cause you the most stress.


Love the demo can’t wait for more :ok_hand:


The story is very good. The best thing I like about it is its pacing, lots of things and I got immersed in just 8k words.

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Lilith best RO.
Pretty solid and interesting but a lot of dialogue options don’t really affect anything stat-wise which is kind of lame.
Really, I’m just hyped for the Lilith route.


Ohh, I’ll keep that in mind. Maybe I’m using too low of numbers when changing the stats…

I’m excited for Lilith too tbh.

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Ok am really liking this story I can`t wait to see more.

Chapter 4 is out!

It’s almost 6,000 words long and I’m sure I put way too much stuff into one chapter. I completely removed the character Daryn, if you ever saw her name on the relationship stat chart. I couldn’t find a place for her. Let me know if there’s any typos or errors. :’^) Idk what else to say.


Omfg I love your game! Even though you’re just doing it for fun, it’s really enjoyable to read and the options are just hilarious :rofl: Some of my favorites include “You have your ship name on your door?” and “Boi Bye” LOL

I look forward to future updates! :grin:


Just one typo:

  • “It’s hardly respectable to insult her when she’s not in a state to defend "himself. The Spirits will not be pleased, Lilith,” Leo defends you.

My mc is female

The story become more interesting so far, I still can’t believe Lilith though

I knew that line looked weird oml. Thank you.

:tada: Chapter 5 is out :o :tada:

This chapter was insanely long before I edited it, and it’s still kind of long. I moved a lot of it into chapter 6. Sorry for the giant text walls you may have to read. And for MCs mom. I hate her. She is b o r i n g. And my terrible handwriting and bad quality photos. It’s okay.

This chapter might be boring. Maybe not. I feel like Leo is needed to make this book work, which is bad. If it’s terrible without him, he’ll be in the next chapter d o n ’ t w o r r y.

Thank you to anyone who has read my rly bad WIP. I appreciate it a lot. :’^)))


Is MC’s mom a romance option yet?

Wait… you want to romance your MOTHER??


Mate, I thought you already drop this


your fast, Micro. hehehe


I’m pretty sure they’re joking. There is nobody who could possibly be serious about that.


Slowly glances at red necks


wow man, don’t need to be so harsh on yourself.

sigh just drop about “it” okay?

Okay dating your mother is gross…YOUR SISTER IS WHERE IT IS AT