(WIP) Clans of Éire: The Brother's War

I have already been gathering ideas for new variables, political intrigues(and, you guessed it, romances) for Book II: A Throne of Glass. I think I will emphasize a good bit more on romance in that one, with Ferghus still trying to form a marital alliance and whatever was going on there with the attempted assassination :wink: … whereas in Book I it was more of a bonus section than an aspect that greatly deepened the plot. I have sent this first book as a hosted games submission and, fingers crossed, it will get reviewed and accepted. I’m mostly focused on getting this one all cleaned up but will certainly get to work on the sequel right away if this one works out! Your praise means a lot so thanks so much for the support!


I am happy for your game to be reviewed but I think that it’s kind of short, only 40k words and the average for a hosted games is like 100k or more. Still I like the game!

Hello all, I have just increased the size of the story by 20,000 words, several major battles and more detail to areas. I have also reduced the amount of times one can die. Cheers, Fionn


I like the sneak peak and can’t wait for the next book, also there should be an management in the next game.
I found that you could go many thousands into negative money and still buy stuff, I like that but some won’t so I suggest that you have a cheat button as to get more money, soldiers,etc.

I believe I fixed that, now when you try to buy something I have added *if coin >85 etc