(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

Nope. The Lucifer fable was the last one added and that was through reader votes


Who knows maybe the author will decide to do a dlc someday, i said this in an earlier post but i would love to see Anansi in this game.


Who’s that? And I do hope a Draconic origin path gets added later as a DLC when this game releases.

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He’s an african spider god of wisdom, knowledge, and trickery, who’s also been incorporated into caribbean and african-american folklore.


Even if the author decides to add more Fables as DLCs in the future, I don’t think we can see specific ones unless they were super famous and OP in some way since that’s what all these current Fables have in common somewhat. And they have to at least have an edge over one or more Fables with at least one or more being able to beat them for the whole circle thing they got going on.

So if anyone tries to suggest a Fable, they probably have to be super famous, OP, strong enough to beat one or more MC, weak enough for one or more MC to beat them and doesn’t share a similar religion as the others. Like how Lucifer is Christianity, Zeus is Greek, Sun Wukong is Chinese, etc. So the only ones left I can think of are Japanese, Korean, Indian, African, Egyptian and probably many more.

And I guess in regards to fame, they have to be at a similar level as the current Fables.

Lucifer - Favorite Child of God and King of Hell (maybe not yet in this game)

Arthur Pendragon - King of Camelot and Wielder of the Legendary Sword Excalibur

Ishtar - Queen of Heaven/Mesopotamia and Goddess of War and Love

Zeus - Child of Kronos, Sibling of Ares the God of War, God/Goddess of Lightning and King/Queen of the Greek Gods (not sure if this part is legit in-game or not)

Janus - Curator of the Universe and God/Goddess of the Beginning and the End

Sun Wukong - The Monkey King/Queen and The Sage Equal to Heavens

Pele - Creator of the Hawaiian Islands and God/Goddess of Volcanoes


I don’t think fame has anything to do with the fables level of power, and if we’re talking about fame then some of the fables are definitely obscure or lesser known if one isn’t well versed in the mythology and history of other cultures.


Yes, and No. Last time when they re sealed Timus, Cyrus was not there, the Fables replace him. I would say that is the factor. Cyrus ability seem to be much weaker in effect comparing to the Fables. It is basically a control - support - ability. If we compare that with other Fables with ability that could be used in supporting such as Zanus, - to be able to see far in the future, predicting everymove - Lucifer - completely control of sense and reality -, and to another extend Ishtar - speed that could help both in attack and evade -, or Sun - unpredict transformation and power -, to just impede Timus is not good enough. That is not mention Arthur, Zeus, Pele overwhelming attack that could eradicate Timus in a single attack.


I kind of imagined just now that if there was a dragon Fable origin path and we were of a higher ranked dragon then Qin the First Emperor of China, it would’ve been slightly interesting if we had encountered Timur later and said something like “You think just because you managed to consume Qin, that puts you on the same level as me? Know your place worm. YOU ARE NOWHERE NEAR MY LEVEL!!!”

It’s nice to dream at least.


Oh I’m in cahoots with you on this. I loved Anansi in American gods. He was definitely the best character on the show. He owned every scene he was in, amd the actor who played him is criminally underrated. Just a pity he had so little screen time.

Not sure how he’d stack up against the likes of Arthur, Wukong or Pele, but playing a trickster who can turn into a spider would be cool.


@DrDense Do you think you can adjust Wukong’s title to match their gender? Since it feels weird when playing as a female Wukong but their title is still the Monkey “King”. And I think it might be the same with Zeus though I’m not sure since I don’t remember.


I actually sort of like Zeus, Sun Wukong and Janus being misgendered if you choose woman and described as male gods but I sort of have a head cannon where the people of their time couldn’t accept a woman having that much power so they changed their genders in the stories makes it feel real and something I could actually see happen in our world.


I like the idea of Sun Wukong referring to themself as the Monkey King regardless of gender. For much of history, the term queen often meant the wife of a king rather than a ruler in her own right. To the point where a queen who rules in her own right needed to be differentiated as a Queen Regnant while her consort would be the Prince Consort rather than a king. I like the idea of a female Sun Wukong adopting the title Monkey King because until recent times, the term king had more power than a queen.


In Zeus’s case, I meant their title as God of Lightning not their name.

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I wasn’t talking about there name I was talking about the title???

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Oh. From the way it was phrased I thought you meant their name. If you meant their title, then you should’ve put “I actually sort of like Zeus’s title” not “I actually sort of like Zeus” to get the point across.

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lol thanks for the lesson I’ll make sure to keep it in mind next time!!!

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My girl Ishtar barely gets a mention. Speedters are the best.


Honestly, the Monkey King doesnt bother me so much.

I love Luci path and giving the finger to christians that think shes a he and learn, Luci is a girl! Sorry but love it.

Monkey King, hmmm, honestly, if a she, China wouldnt of hid genders. Wouldnt really change much of anything but title itself.

Zeus is Zeus. I like to think Lady Zeus wasnt doing all the Zeus things mentioned. Would alter fable background as well? This one may change a lot more than a “title”.


Eh doesn’t bother me at all either with any of them after all they are legends that are thousands of years old and spread via word of mouth so mistakes and variations are bound to happen, especially since these fables in universe are the type that hide themselves away and don’t seem to interact with humanity in any major way at least publicly, and also seem to have very different personalities and origins excluding key events in their lives.

As for female Zeus, Well the female olympians in the story’s were just as cruel if not outright evil as their male counterparts, hera was known for her cruelty, I mean look at what she did to Heracles (Hercules) she basically did everything in her power to ruin his life even tricking him into killing his own wife and child, and the other female Olympians were the same.

Good news is these fables are very very different than the ones we know right from the get go, as far as we know the worst thing this Zeus did while either male or female was kill their father in a fit of jealous pride, which is honestly a saint compared to the original Zeus.


It is ever said what the age range of the different Legends are? I think Lucifer would be the oldest and Arthur the youngest but I’m not sure about that one.

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