(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

Pele and MK are the ones that most make feel like a god among mans


Yeah so far I think I gotta give it to Lucifer, MK and Pele.

Still waiting for a scene where MK absolutely loses it and goes giant ape


I’ll give Pele a go. Thanks for the recommendations!

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You’ll have a Godzilla moment where the city is melting down cause of the heat. When talking to dawn in the museum she’s so sad about what happened to Chicago, but they’re also the one that cause Edmonton to become unhabitable at this point cause of provoking a walking volcano


Yeah, thanks for the correction. Idk how I made that mistake. That’s what I get for going off of memory instead of double-checking.

Yeah Wukong is getting fried, but I still think Wukong is clapping Pele more times than not.


Amperage versus voltage.

You can be struck with million volts and be ok. You cant be struck with 5 amps and expect to live. 30 amps, I wasnt grounded at time, could of caused a boom, only survived due to not being grounded. Otherwise, I would of popped. I didnt even feel the 480 volts in my body due to that.

Many dont realize its the amperage that kills, not the volts. Lightning tends to be attached to ground and not air, thus grounded itself and most amps absorbed by ground if has amps.


You wouldnt know if an alternative earth, Mayans rule todays world as an empire.

Whos to say what can or cant be possible in alt worlds?

The fables exist in this books world after all.


So I’m here waiting to fall asleep and suddenly it hits me! @DrDense mentioned in their tumblr that if the fables are a 10, then Siddhartha is a 13 in terms of strength. Meanwhile, Timur wipes the floor with Siddhartha plus a host of other immortals. Just how powerful is Timur? How exactly is anyone supposed to defeat them? Esp the MC?


OMG you are right!!!


Would the seal breaking even help the MC at this point? Timur is a literal monster. It’s scary how powerful he seems. I don’t see how anybody could win.


I mean. Aside from the power of friendship/teamwork with the other characters, I expect all the fables will have some kind of growth event like the monkey king does, possibly multiple. I’m not sure how useful teamwork will actually be but if nothing else I guess the special bullets should still work on Timur?

Monkey king is the only one who really has a reliable method of dealing with it since he can just remove the afflicted regions and regenerate but all the other fables seem wary of them since it’s over if they actually get hit. Timur should be able to do that too but maybe if he’s under enough pressure to not have a chance to do so it can get him? Or just hit him with a bunch at once so he can’t get rid of all the affected regions in time. The bullets probably contain some special compound so there’s the possibility of just distributing that in liquid form or gas to get him.

That’s also not including the fact it seems all the fables kind of stopped training at some point and just kind of coasted along life so they probably have some room for growth with training still.

Personally I’m more wondering what happens in routes besides monkey king.


In monkey king’s route Siddhartha sends some power to monkey king and blows himself up to prevent Timur from absorbing him but is just blowing himself up enough to prevent Timur from absorbing him? Because in every route besides the monkey king he wouldn’t be sending the power to anyone else.


It’s been mentioned that Buddha basically figured out that Timur’s ability doesn’t work 100% so it’s likely that he wasn’t able to do it against Buddha


I had a blast with Lucifer’s update, holy shit. This wip is easily becoming my favorite good job


Lucifer might have a shot especially if They hit Timur with the


Are you confusing Lucifer with Zeus or something with this gif?


(Bro doesn’t know)
he would hit them with that frieren treatment ong


Nah the dude in the gif went on a rant and told somebody “You should kill yourself now”


LTG is wild lol


I sure hope so

Same i even asked the author on tumblr if we can expect the other fables to get something similar to the the monkey king power up but i never got an answer.

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Love this game and all of the fables. Question are there going to be any new fables like any African myths? Anyway great game

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