(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

Play as a broken legend in a world ravaged by a war between two hostile superpowered factions set in a history alternative to our own. Will you betray centuries of secrecy in order to protect what you’ve grown attached to, or will you cave and lead the world down a path of ash?

Plot Summary

It’s been 50 years since The War of Reformation, a 10 year conflict between two factions of the newly emerged augmented humans that devestated the world. Cities were destroyed, hundreds of millions died, and a whole continent was sunk. But since then the world has recovered, and the winning side evolved into The Praetorium, the de facto rulers of the new world order. The year is 2023, and tensions between the two superpowered factions are rising once again.

The whole world holds their breath wondering if there will be another mass slaughter.

You have sat on the sidelines of history for thousands of years, witnessing the birth of modern society. You watched, not even raising a finger, as Chicago was literally reduced to a smoking hole in the ground.

You could have stopped it, it was within your power, but you didn’t. Having lost touch with your humanity, you simply drifted, feeling nothing. But now you are thrust into a situation that forces you to take a stand. Will you reclaim your humanity, or will you finally fully cast it off, becoming something greater.

  • Choose to play one of six possible legendary figures, each with their own challenges. The fight scenes will be customized for each fable in an attempt to make it more immersive.
  • Battle figures of legendary might, your fights so destructive they alter the very landscape.
  • Play as Male, Female, or Nonbinary and romance one of five possible RO’s, ranging from an expert sniper to a quasi-god.
  • Train your disciple in one of three distinct fighting styles, and see how they grow under your intrsuction.
RO's (Slight Spoilers)

Name: Yoru Yamamoto
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4
Description: Yoru is a snarky and assertive young japanese woman, but when you meet her she is in a rough place. You were tasked with her continued survival, so you must train her to weather the trials that are most certainly coming. Will you stick to a strictly professional relationship, or will you cultivate a friendship or maybe something more?

Name: Sumairah Khan
Age: 73
Gender: Female
Height: 6’6
Description: Cruel but not unreasonable, Sumairah is the indestructible Iron Praetor, an unstoppable force of nature. She does not take no for an answer. She’s the only modern augmented with strength equal to yours, and she stopped aging in her mid twenties. The same as you. Will she be your greatest enemy, or will it blossom into something greater?

Name: Kaya Khumalo
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8
Description: Kaya is The Dawn Praetor, able to levitate and bend light to her will. She killed the mother of your protégé and has been sent to hunt you down. However, she hates many of her peers and may be open to an agreement. She is timid and soft spoken, but will voice her strong convictions once she opens up. Will the two of you remain enemies or will you forge and unbreakable relationship?

Name: Kaizo Takemura
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 5’4
Description: Kaizo Takemura is a mercenary in every sense of the word. Carefree and holding no real allegiance to anything other than money, he is now stuck in the same situation as you. The two of you must work together to ensure your group’s survival, and maybe he will be able to overcome his trauma and form a real connection in the process.

Name: Jordan Werther
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11
Description: A classic playboy with a chip on his shoulder. He has spent his life trying to atone for what his grandfather did. Will you be the key to the future he envisions, or will you destroy everything he is working towards?

Name: ???, AKA Red
Age: Presumably Around 70
Gender: Male
Height: 6’3
Description: The new gen commander of The Elders. He immediately issued a surrender after Werther was defeated and he came to power, sparing many from the destruction of further conflict. He is like the wind, never staying in one place for more than a couple days. Despite his life coming in contact with so many others, no one truly knows him. Will you be the first?

Name: Attila the Hun
Age: 1617
Gender: Selectable
Height: 6’2
Description: With dark skin, impressive height, and snow-white hair, Atilla the Hun strikes an imposing figure. Their fiery personality clashes with those around them, and their anger issues sometimes flare up. But despite their standoffish attitude, you know they have good intentions. Another immoral and a part of the original task to seal Timur, your relationship is complicated. Will you remain on strange terms, rekindle a friendship, or develop something more?
(Working on portrait)

What I am looking for
  • Typos, grammer, and other errors you find.
  • Continuity errors, I want to make sure it all flows right.
  • General critiques of the writing, just keep it constructive :slight_smile: .

Hello all, I’m Dr. Dense.

I’ve been a longtime lurker and have always wanted to try my hand at writing a COG myself, and after fiddling with the story and world for half a year I have finally decided it was ready to see the light of day. I have some minor experince in writing but this is my first real attempt at writing a huge project like this, and I’m super excited to start making headway. I am also a complete amatuer when it comes to coding, but with that being said I have tested the demo quite extensivly and don’t expect any problems, but we all know how these things go :sweat_smile: .

Have a good day all, and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts

Content Warnings

This game contains or will contain heavy fantasy violence, drug abuse, death, gore, self-harm, suicide, sex, and many other dark topics. If you have a problem with any of these you have been warned.

Demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/drdense/broken-fable/mygame/
Tumblr: @docterdenseif on Tumblr
Patreon: DrDense IF | Working on Broken Fable | Patreon

Update Log
  • 3/12/23 - Pele branch added, up to 28k words.
  • 3/19/23 - Sun Wukng branched added, up to 32k words
  • 4/16/23 - Chapter 1 finished, up to 60k words
  • 5/7/23 - Lucifer Branch implemented
  • 7/12/23 Added Arthur and Zeus Chapter 2, Interlude 1
  • 7/20/23 Added ishtar Chapter 2, Interlude 1 update
  • 7/30/23 Added Sun Wukong Chapter 2
  • 10/1/23 Added Pele Chapter 2
  • 10/13/23 Added Janus Chapter 2
  • 2/2/24 Added Lucifer Chapter 2 and Yoru romance scenes
  • 5/7/24 Added Chapter 3 Pt. 1

I Love It So Far


Just went down the rabbit hole with what options were available. Got to say, really love what you did for the story. I have tried all pathways, and I really liked how all the pathways came together. Very good story so far, it leaves me wanting to read more.


I always enjoy a good superhero story.
Add in mythology? And you’ve got me.
On another note I’m guessing the coming origins are going to be Sun Wukong and Pele?


Yep! Pele’s route is pretty much 100% complete except for another grammer runthrough or so. Sun Wukong is giving me a bit of trouble becasue it’s the fable that has the most concrete plot points in its mythos, and I am trying to adapt in a somewhat faithfull way.


This is really cool so far, Excalibur is my favorite of course. Just minor requests, can there be an athletic body choice or just a muscular one that isn’t bulky, also an option for white or grey hair. It’s fine if you don’t wanna add it though.


Lately I have been researching Hawaiian mythology and it’s so interesting.
It’s a shame it isn’t more well known.


I thought I could play as Gilgamesh but then it’s actually Ishtar lol.


Will Alexander have an appearance on the game ageing since every origin has him :thinking:


Its so difficult to choose which parth is best! Why you do this to us @DrDense !!! :sob:


Amongst them are priceless pieces of artwork. Most of them look polish in nature, depicting the knights of the old nobility of Poland-Lithuania. You remember the age of the Commonwealth, it was not as great as everyone thinks. Tales of honor tend to get overblown.

It reminded me of history books from my school days… and teachers who talked about great the age of the Commonwealth :joy: :+1:

Seems like really promising WIP, we’ll see where it goes :eyes: I like that we have so many types of MCs to choose.


I really loved it, I can’t wait to play the next part.


@DrDense looks interesting. I wait other legends.

i agree with Daku so gonna be it on the watch/track list of games


Is Ishtar gonna be genderlocked to female?


What you have so far is pretty great, but there are quite a few grammar mistakes, are you using something like grammarly? If not that would probably be helpful also Imo you’re using “you” too much.
Other than that though I found the different origins really cool and more dialogue choices like the one Janus gets with the driver would definitely be great.


This is great can’t wait for the next update


{P.S this is alternate version of arthur pendragon}
not shour if you knew of this ability of excaliburs but found it on a wiki and since you using excalibur in you story i post it here incase you want to add it into the game so here it goes fair warning its very long explaining about the ability:
Invisible Air: Artoria’s first [Noble Phantasm] is always [Invisible Air], with which she conceals her sword. It does not allow the enemy to determine its range. It is simple but tremendously effective in hand-to-hand combat. The sword is surrounded by wind that reflects light making it virtually invisible. It is not a vacuum, but the wind whirring around the blade is like a weapon and it seems to increase the damage of the slash. Only when the compressed wind is released is a vacuum state created. When the target has “resistance to visual impediments”, the accuracy correction of Invisible Air is ineffective. Other than the advantage of making the blade invisible, it is possible to release the compressed wind, making it a single-use projectile weapon. The damage of such attack is constant, and Saber’s strength or magical energy does not affect it. Said damage is enough to defeat a Demonic Beast


This seems interesting so far, can’t wait to see where it goes!

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Yes, she will. Arthur will be gender-locked male, and Pele will be gender-locked female. For Janus and Zeus, you can choose your gender.

Sun Wukong will also be gender selectable and will have opportunities to change it mid-game if you want since they can shapeshift.