(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

Can we get a little summary of each origin before we start playing them. Was confused when it was assumed i was female

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I love this so far. I can’t wait see test the other two fables but so far my favorite is Janus the Roman God of Pathways. I did find a few errors. Extra T on the The and just need to change straight to strength


Said the Excalibur one was my favorite, but just played the Zeus one and it also might be my favorite. Excalibur a little bit more because the unholy Excalibur angle and bloodlust is a cool unique take on it I’m loving. Also sword that flies back to you like Mjolnir is a plus.


That was a good read albeit short. I love how every fables’ power has a drawback for 'em.

Damn… I’d wager Ken Arok’s and his Keris Mpu gandring could be deconstructed into this.


Yeah, for some people being genderlocked like that is going to be an automatic restart.

Plus, the crown of Uruk? I thought I’d get to play Gligamesh.

So I was disappointed on two fronts there.

Also, the shade lady seems obviously quick to assume that the character is a mythological character.

Introducing yourself as Arthur Pendragon, okay, makes sense.

But there are people named Zeus, there are people named Janus.

So it should probably go something like “Your first name is Zeus, and your last name?”

“Well we didn’t really have last names back then, but I had epitaphs. Zeus Olympios, Zeus Xenios, Zeus Aegiduchos, Zeus Eleutherios, etc.”


Honestly, it kind of makes sense to me that it’s Ishtar, not Gilgamesh, when you pick the Crown of Uruk mainly because Uruk worshipped her as a goddess of fertility, sex and war. Also was called the Queen of Heaven and appears in quite more of the Sumerian mythology than Gilgamesh.


Sure thing! I was originally thinking about adding them but just wanted to push the demo out haha


I honestly don’t mind gender locked protagonists, but they seem a bit random here. Arthur can’t be a woman but Zeus can? Considering Zeus is pretty much the personification of toxic masculinity that seems odd. Is there a reason some are variable and some aren’t?


Very good point about The Shaded lady, i’ll have to go back and add more to the explanations! Thank you for pointing it out.


Sees I can play as Janus, immediately names her alias Jeanette Voerman

I had no choice!!! The thought would not leave me alone until I made it reality!


Can that be optional cause I actually prefer Zeus with no last name?


Damn, this game was a really pleasing surprise to me. Outside a few typos it was pretty much perfect.

My favorite origin so far is Zeus, even if he is also the one who’s ‘retrieved artifact’ matters the least, The ambrosia hasn’t much impact or relevancy beyond being another ‘hit’ offscreen. Can’t wait for Sun Wukong to be added!

Also can’t wait for the training to start and the first fight against the Praetors, hopefully we can kick the Iron guy’s ass and recruit the Dawn Praetor, she’d probably make a good sparring partner for our charge.

Only real issue is that the Elders look a bit like jobbers currently but I guess it make sense since our benefactor had complete type disadvantage and the other Elder was against us so everyone would look like a jobber.

Maybe having the Praetor’s table / headquarter room change depending on your origin could be a fun detail since currently it’s made in the Round Table’s image which would make an ironic echo if you play as Arthur, could have something similar where the room is themed after Mount Olympus if you’re Zeus, the Senate if you’re Janus and the throne room of Gilgamesh if you’re Ishtar.

Also Janus sound like he’ll be fun but a pain in the ass to balance.

Last time I was so excited to see more, it was ironically another WIP involving Immortals.

Honestly I agree Ishtar was a good choice because a BIG point of Gilgamesh’s story is that he’s mortal and fail to achieve immortality and accept it.

So making him just Immortal is kind of a waste, at least if you treat it as the usual ‘Immortality isn’t all that cool’ mindset Immortals tend to have since he literally got what he wanted and he knew several immortals so he should probably have a very different mindset about it all.

That’s a very modern and not very fair interpretation of Zeus.

An Epitaph isn’t a last name and more of a title. For exemple ‘Zeus Xenios’ would mean Zeus when he act as the patron of hospitality and protector of strangers so instead of a last name, it would be more accurate to see it as him being called ‘Zeus, protector of strangers’ when called like that.

So in that exemple, he’d still be Zeus with no last name but he’d be more recognizable as THE Zeus.


Played through all the ones so far and yeah Arthur and the Excalibur one are still my favorite so far, definitely will be the one I focus on for when it gets updated. I just love our downside being “I need to kill shit” and being made into an immortal war god from a sword we can’t get rid of that looks all holy and shoots golden arcs, rays and beams, but is actually the complete opposite. And again, love that it flies to our hand when called.


Excalibur: You’re Arthur, you’re the son of a commoner and a baron, you impressed the king so much during a tournament, he named you his heir then you got invaded, found Excalibur and got turned into a superhuman but you also have bloodlust problems, then you went back home, discovered the King had been killed by the invaders, kicked everyone’s ass, became king and then abdicated when your bloodlust became too much. You lost Excalibur while fighting Ares and thought it would free you from the bloodlust, it didn’t so you got it back around WW2.

Crown: You’re Ishtar, you popped into existence one day, made a hut, discovered humans, helped them out, flew in front of them, they started worshipping you and created a city around you, you had to leave because your power got too strong and started brainwashing people instantly, meaning you couldn’t even talk to people anyway. Gilgamesh brought you back due to mysteriously being immune, you fell in love, he found a way to diminish the brainwashing power, died of old age and you left the Kingdom heartbroken over it. You lost the crown during a fight against Ares and were heartbroken about it until you found it again during WW2.

Dagger: You’re Janus, you were an illegitimate child of a centurion or legate, you could see people’s future and used it to your advantage until you got caught in an ambush and while wounded, you accepted a vision of your own future where your power would get massively bigger but your sanity much weaker, you used the bronze arrow that killed you to make a dagger you always kept, you used your powers to become the top of the empire and guide the emperors toward the right path until one of the emperors got too dumb to listen to you and kicked you out which led to the Empire collapsing and you deciding that getting TOO involve is a pain in the ass. You lost your dagger in a fight against Ares and just saw you’d find it back again one day, which happen during WW2, centuries later.

The Ambrosia: You’re Zeus, the God of Lightning, son of Kronos, God of Greece and a ‘mortal’ who died giving birth to you, you were born able to control lightning and your half brother, Ares, can control fire. Your father pit you against your brother to see who would become his successor, despite you being smarter / more charismatic, your brother was a stronger and more skilled fighter so you went to have a training arc to have the most powerful lightning. That worked and you beat your brother, that made your dad salty because you shouldn’t get that strong without his training so he banished you. During your banishment you discovered the Ambrosia which gave you a power boost (you couldn’t decipher the warnings) so you went back to challenge your dad, your dad know you got ambrosia and decide to mercy kill you, you beat him but also destroy all of Olympus with your final attack and discover Ambrosia is deathly addictive so now without home, you traveled the world as a functional drug addict until your half brother found you and tried to avenge your dad. You won again and then found more Ambrosia in a Nazi base during WW2.

The other two are To Be Added.

Hope that helps.


I actually like the genderlock tbh. Besides you’re giving three options for paths for those that want it gender selectable. I do think you should add a a not to the choices about which gender you play as though. Lik-

Nevermind you did already :rofl: . That was quick.


Wow, can’t wait for the upcoming chapter.


Minor bug, should be brown

“Your black hair Is done up quite nicely, its chocolate strands complimenting your outfit”

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The summary gives me Doctor Manhattan vibes and I am up for it.


Wow this is the best WIP I played in a while most


I just realized something. When the Sun Wukong background comes, that’s gotta be the most OP MC of all because according to his wiki page


Sun Wukong possesses many abilities. He has amazing strength and is able to support the weight of two heaven mountains on his shoulders while running “with the speed of a meteor”.[2] He is extremely fast, able to travel 108,000 li (54,000 km, 34,000 mi) in one somersault. He has amazing memory skills and can remember every monkey ever born. As king of the monkeys it is his duty to keep track of and protect every monkey. Sun Wukong also acquires the 72 Earthly Transformations, which allow him to access 72 unique powers, including the ability to transform into sundry animals and objects. He is a skilled fighter, capable of defeating the best warriors of heaven. His hair has magical properties, capable of making copies of himself or transforming into various weapons, animals and other things. He also shows partial weather manipulation skills and can stop people in place with fixing magic.