(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

The age for every fable is shown in the stat screen


Agreed don’t even get me started on what Athena did to Medusa, or what Artemis did to Callisto and Acteon.


i believe you also missing the queen of the gods and zeus wife Hera

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Yeah she’s bad to i just didn’t mention her because the person i was replying to already did.

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Bio profile of Hera: Queen of the Gods

  • Goddess of marriage, women, marital harmony, and the protector of women during childbirth
    Member of the Twelve Olympians

In (Ancient Greek religion - Wikipedia), Ionic and Homeric Greek) Hera is the goddess of marriage, women, and family, and the protector of women during childbirth. In Greek mythology, she is queen of the twelve Olympians and Mount Olympus, sister and wife of Zeus, and daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. One of her defining characteristics in myth is her jealous and vengeful nature in dealing with any who offended her, especially Zeus’s numerous adulterous lovers and illegitimate offspring.

Her iconography usually presents her as a dignified, matronly figure, upright or enthroned, crowned with a polos or diadem, sometimes veiled as a married woman.(Hera - Wikipedia) She is the patron goddess of lawful marriage. She presides over weddings, blesses and legalises marital unions, and protects women from harm during childbirth. Her sacred animals include the cow, cuckoo, and peacock. She is sometimes shown holding a pomegranate as an emblem of immortality. Her Roman counterpart is Juno


Honestly I would love for people to talk about the fables stories, like Zeus going “what?! I never forced myself on anyone!” Or Arthur going " they say I did what with my sister! :nauseated_face:".

And we know most of it is either false or taken heavily out of context, like Mordred being some random posh noble or Aries being the brother of Zeus, and poor Lucifer (never thought I’d say that) being tortured by that egomaniac Jehovah, and in his rebellious nature arguably killed something closer to a real devil yet still gets blamed for pretty much all the world’s evil.

Also side note for Lucifer, I really hope we get to see our “sister” again because we never actually confirmed her death or whereabouts, maybe make a personal mission for each fable to reconcile their past traumatic experience?


Wasn’t really excited for Lucifer but GAWD DAMN was he fun to play.


Yeah, Lucifer is the oldest I think. Second oldest is either Ishtar or Zeus.

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Okay fables from youngest to oldest.

  1. Pele=1,300
  2. Arthur=1,600
  3. Sun wukong=1,800
  4. Janus=2,300
  5. Lucifer=3,300
  6. Zeus=3,500
  7. Ishtar=4,400

Just so everyone has a list here it is.


Ishtar my sweet old lady! Love you! :sob:


I did had a slight feeling that Ishtar was older then I expected since I played her before but I couldn’t remember the exact age. It is a little surprising somewhat that Ishtar is the oldest when you would expect Lucifer to be the oldest. Of course if this was the Bible version of Lucifer then they would be the oldest.


True the biblical texts and other sources are very hard to get a real timeline on for obvious reasons like revisions and reimagining, but if it were based on general estimates Lucifer probably would be between 4,000-5,000 years old as old if not slightly older than Ishtar.

But again all fables in history are rough estimates at best, Lucifer was supposed to be around at the same time as the first humans with the first modern humans being 200k to 300k years old, so oblivious real dates don’t mean much in mythology.

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Did you meant “Obvious” not “Oblivious”?

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Fables come more from civilizations, if we consider the age that exists in mythological sources, everyone would be over 100 thousand years old because no one would say that their God was born yesterday. So probably (since I don’t remember if the writer talked about the subject), Ishtar is the oldest fable in the world, because it came a few years before the Sumerian civilization.



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My guy we got to teach you how to use context. :joy::joy::joy:


When i said did the Zeus things, i meant him fathering too many kids, and that the one i run with isnt a mother of too many kids. Specifically speaking.

We wouldnt have dozens of countries without angry, showing they as strong as men, women in history. I wasnt clear enough, sorry.

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Medusa was a victim more than once. Id help her kill those evil beings.


Medusa would also be an interesting Fable to play as considering her beef with the Greek Gods and she’ll definitely not like Ares when she encounters him. Her petrifying ability would probably be modified to where they can look at people normally and choose when to use the petrify ability but the weakness for them could be something like inflicting great pain on her eyes whenever she uses them, maybe similar to how whenever the Uchiha uses Amaterasu too much or too long, it bleeds their eyes but in Medusa’s case, that kind of eye pain lasts a while or she goes blind whenever she finishes using it and it lasts ranging from a few days to a whole month depending on how many times or how much she used it.


Maybe that’s how she could have become an augmented she got cursed or something by another god or what not.