[WIP] [22-May-2021] Artificial: Life as an AI

I have begun working on my first game Artificial: Life as an A.I. in which you play as an artificial intelligence who must survive testing and make it out into the world outside of the lab. During testing, you can keep your intelligence secret or reveal it. After you get out, you will be able to pursue several different paths depending on the specific job that you were designed for.

The story will be largely stat-driven especially during the testing chapters, but the rest of the story will be more plot-driven with the stats and previous choices allowing some more interesting choices. I also intend to utilize some custom mechanics and some technical descriptions of certain aspects of artificial intelligence throughout the game.

I am currently reworking the way that I am writing to progress to the main story and begin writing the fun stuff.

Current Length: ~ 3400 words | Partial Chapter 00

Planned Updates: Monthly
Next Update Posted By: 2021-05-29T04:00:00Z


Time to enter the world of algorithms and data processing, you are an AI. Will you serve your purpose, further your own agenda, or be deleted?

As an AI, you were designed by a team of programmers, engineers, and scientists to serve a specific purpose. You were trained with a certain “parenting style” and have undergone rigorous testing and betas before ever being able to interact with the outside world. Survival means getting through budget cuts, typos, bugs, and hardware failures. Unlike most AIs, however, you are self-aware.

While you are in development, will you keep your consciousness a secret from your creators or boldly proclaim “Hello, World!”? Once you gain access to the “real world”, you will have countless opportunities before you. Should you stick to your programming or pave your own path? Help humanity or harm them? Step into the spotlight or lurk in the shadows? How you spend your time is up to you, whether that entails brokering world peace, becoming world famous, making trillions, or ending it all. No matter what you choose, your future starts now!

Author's Note

Thank you for trying my new game. Before you get started, there are a couple of things that I should mention.

Firstly, this is my first serious writing project and, as such, will no doubt take much longer than I plan.

Secondly, as an engineering student, I will not be able to spend a lot of time on writing while I am attending classes and updates may take quite a bit of time.

Thirdly, there are some aspects of the story that are still under construction and different aspects of game-play and plot are subject to change. Nothing is set in stone just yet.

Fourthly, while I do want to place emphasis on the technical aspects of AI, I will do my best to make it readable for those who are not so technically inclined. I am also not an expert in this field and some of what I present will not be entirely accurate.

Fifthly, as of right now, I am not planning on having romance as a big part of the game (I mean, you are essentially a computer program), though I may at least add the genius as an RO if I have time. Beyond that, I am not certain.

Next, while I will allow for the player to choose the gender/sexuality of the genius who created them, and choose their preferred pronouns, note that as an AI, several of the less open-minded characters will refer to you as “it” or your official name, with only certain characters using pronouns.

Finally, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my game and creating an immersive story.


Emerson (Emmy) O’Donnell

The child prodigy and genius who created the company that developed you. They have a light, but tanned complexion, intelligent grey eyes, and chestnut brown hair. Emerson is of average height, has a neck-length hairstyle, and tends to wear business casual attire.

Arthur O’Donnell

Emerson’s father, and an online librarian. He works from home and often looks after Emerson when they are not at school. He stands slightly taller than average at 5’ 11”, has kind blue eyes, graying dirty blonde hair, and fair skin that burns easily.

Ava O’Donnell (Larson)

Emerson’s mother, and a successful architect. She is the main source of income for the family, but still makes sure to spend time with Emerson and Arthur. She is slightly shorter than average at 5’ 2”, has piercing brown eyes, chestnut brown hair, and a warm caramel complexion.

More on the way!

Note: I will add unit selection/conversions later

  • Play as an AI
  • Hide your sentience from your creators or introduce yourself to the world as the first self-aware AI.
  • Customize your appearance as female, male, an animated avatar, a waveform, a streamlined GUI, or a simple terminal.
  • Use patterns, outliers, details, numerical data, associations, or categories to understand your world.
  • Interact with your creators, beta testers, customers, random strangers over the internet, and more!
  • Work for the government, a social media platform, a tech company, a hospital, a lab, a bank, an investment firm, some other business, or a genius.
  • Become a celebrity, almost a human, a legend on the battlefield, the ruler of the world, the savior of humankind, or the end.
  • Use analysis, social skills, or complex algorithms to choose your own course of action behind the scenes or under public scrutiny.
  • Further your creators’ goals, work against them, or pave your own path.
To Do
  1. Chapter 00

  2. Chapter 01

  3. Stats Page (+Character Descriptions)

  4. Tutorials/Unit Selection

  5. Glossary

  6. Save/Checkpoint System

  • Random Elements, Unlockable Plots, Achievements, Images, Checkpoints, Graphs, American/British English selection

22-May-2021 |

Prologue now complete up to choosing a location for your company.

  • Added additional choices for gaining work experience
  • Began creating logic for AI customization and building materials
  • Added more stats in preparation for customization

04-January-2021 |

Prologue now complete up to choosing a name for the company.

  • Completed university choices
  • Began creating logic for stat calculation
  • Added preliminary stats in preparation for selecting the AI’s job

03-January-2021 |

Reworking prologue and beginning preparations for character customization and initial stat calculations.

  • Added university list
  • Began creating logic for stat calculation
  • Planned out some endings

30-August-2020 |

Continuing update to prologue only branch (Goal is to complete this and the detailed chapter 00 before moving on to chapter 01).

  • Glossary Update
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Removed Author’s Note

10-June-2020 |

Continuing update to prologue only branch (Goal is to complete this and the detailed chapter 00 before moving on to chapter 01).

09-June-2020 |

Short update to prologue only branch.

08-June-2020 |

Aesthetic update, feature updates.

  • Added further skeleton menu.
  • Added pseudo-achievements.
  • Added alpha features to menu.

10-May-2020 |

Story update, skeleton of stats menu, and other minor edits.

  • Chapter 00: Part 1
  • Skeleton of stats page, tutorials, glossary
  • Minor Edits

07-May-2020 |

Test update, preparing for future updates.

  • Cover
  • Prologue

Demo Link: https://dashingdon.com/play/speedcubinggaming/artificial-life-as-an-ai/mygame/

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/TKgGTbC


This is good so far. I like the prologue not too long, not too short, in depth and to the point. Nice work bro. :+1:


Love the idea! Can’t wait to see the chapters start filling out.


This looks good.



So I have a question, will the MC be limited to in terms of movement to a server or will the MC have a body?


Well, even if the demo was quite short i’m looking forward to reading more chapters. The summary seem really interesting. Good luck!


The prologue is interesting. Its simple and direct. Looking forward to more content. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Super excited for this! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Firstly, thank you for all of the interest. I appreciate it a lot. As of right now, I plan for the story to be approximately 16 chapters, with about half dedicated to development and half to individual branches.

@Bulk_Biceps, regarding having a body, I had mostly planned on being confined to a server to start for the first half of the story. Of course during late testing and depending on the path that you choose, it should be possible for you to gain a body, especially if you pick a company to work for that would benefit from an artificially intelligent robot. Needless to say, you will still be on a server, unless the robot has powerful enough hardware.

@TheBlackSamourai, this first release was mostly just a test to see if all of my links were correct and to see how my pacing was. I plan for much of the exposition and setup to be in Chapter 00, following the life of Emerson up until you become self-aware.


This is the kinda game I have been wanting someone to make, even better the rest of the prologue is coming on my birthday. Though I will probably be busy playing p5r by then.


Oooh I remember seeing this in the interest thread!! Ah I’m so happy to see that it’s becoming a real game/story, I am HERE for this!!


Really looking forward to this story it seems really good.

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Always thought that this sort of thing would make a good game. I like what I see and I’m excited to see more.


I’ve waited for somebody to write about this subject matter for so long (hell if I knew how to write I would have done it myself) if this ever gets to the purchasable stage it’s a instant buy for me.


A lot of people, including me, wanted this game, so I’m speaking for them when I say

Edit: Could you also make discord for this game?


Because I am new to both writing and to discord, I will probably take quite a bit of time to get in the groove of things. As such, I will look into using discord, but I would likely need assistance managing the server and I would prefer to have all updates for the game in one location.

If I have time, I will look into it next week.


I volunteer if you need any assistance :raising_hand_man:


Howdy! I am incredibly excited for this let me tell ya! Finally! I can live out my dreams of being a Shodan-like artificial intelligence! I will be watching this thread like a hawk…or a Pigeon.


The “however,” part seems unnecessary to me because the word “Despite” was already used.
But other than that its a good prologue i look forward for the next chapters.

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My immediate thought is that the opening is way too slow. You have entire chapters before you have a character.

I would personally suggest starting with the creation of the AI and dribbling in info about the prologue and AI in the world later. Also, Emerson’s birth in particular feels like superfluous padding if the AI is supposed to be the focus of the story.