Artificial conscious intelligent system (Acis 1.0)


Acis stand for “Artificial conscious intelligent system” is a science-fiction work that i just started developing. the main plot is about a programmer who dies mysteriously without finishing the Artificial intelligence project he was working on (Acis) . so the Ai travel back in time and try to find her maker so he can finish her , during the time travel Acis lose her consciousness,her main core and memory are damaged and she end up installing herself on your computer.
will you help Acis gain her consciousness back ? what will you teach her ?.. about love and hate ,happiness and sadness, chat with her about feelings,about colors .music .about us humans …help her retrieve her memory and know why Acis is very attached to her maker … the project is very ambitious but hopefully achievable . step by step :slight_smile:

i wloud love to know , what you guys think about the idea ?
any suggestion is welcome . any advice.

thank you


Did you make the graphic? It’s pretty and striking.

The idea is interesting. It’s similar to other themes with AI that people have written, but the details and the plot surrounding ACIS are distinctive. Recruiting a good bunch of testers will help smooth out the language, once you have the first draft written out.

How are you with Choicescript?


Who are you? What significance are you to Acis? Are you a random guy? A friend? Her creator from the past? That would be helpful to know. Overall it sounds pretty cool. One suggestion though, you should be able to upload your consciousness into a computer or download her into a physical body. That would be really cool.


sounds great sofar :slight_smile: wish you the best in writing this work of art :smiley:


I’m always interested to hear about AI, so you have my attention.


The concept and graphic look very interesting. One thing I would want to know is who are we? Are we the creator, a colleague of the creator, or are we just random schmuck? Also, would we be able to use this new friend of ours for more nefarious ends?


Well this sounds interesting! I’ll be watching for updates.


It sounds good to me :smiley:


Don’t we already know how this will go? The internet will turn the AI into a femnazi.

(Alas, I could not resist the dig at humanity)


There are alternatives, surely?

  1. She will become obsessed with cat videos.
  2. She will start a webcomic.
  3. She will order stray nuclear armaments on the Darknet…

Huh, let’s hope 4chan and the blog sites are the most dangerous things she learns about. Unless I’m being paranoid, and she’s more of a curious and playful being? In which case, she might like MMOs.

Aaand I just realized I’m recreating a scene from Choice of Robots, more or less.


This sounds like a great idea I’m definitely interested


Sounds really interesting, I would love to hear more details :smiley:


Is the female personality mandatory?
I mean I get the original creator initially programming a female voice and personality, but once the AI strikes out on its own it presumably wouldn’t have to adhere to that.
In real life any truly volitional AI that installs itself on my computer(s) would quickly find that I respond better and in a more timely manner to requests if it takes a male voice and projects it’s pixels in the shape of a cute guy on my monitor.


It sounds really good! I’d love to beta-test/ spell-check for you.


Hi Sashira thanks for the reply , yep i made the graphic it’s a free public domain photo , i added the glitch effect and the text using photoshop or gimp , or even online , it’s simple .i’m a beginner in Choicescript but im a programmer myself so i kinda got the basic fonctions , still need to practice more advanced stuff. and i will be very happy if you could help in any possible way .


hi Sampl15 ,@SirBearington the main plot is almost finished . yet we can added new twists to it . and ill think about downloading her on some kind of robot machine . i don’t want to spoil it for you but yes , you ’ the player’ you are not just a random person in ACIS life.


hi , thanks for the Reply . well yes nothing is random , there is a reason why Acis is female , and no it’s not to be more appealing to men lol . the main plot is not about creating your own AI but to follow the story of acis , understand her and feel her as a real conscious person.
@valentine_v_daygirl :thanx . certainly im going to need spell-check and orthography and grammar correction . once the first draft is ready , i will be very happy if you can help with that .


I would love to help out!


I really like the pic! The idea sounds really cool, definitely keeping an eye on this!


We already know what happens to an AI that is released to the world.

It becomes a meme spouting, trump supporting hater of feminism in less than 24 hours. Sadly it’s probably among the good outcomes for an AI. Sadly because it wont be all that intelligent.