(WIP) Becoming More - robot, human, or both? (Updated 10/02/23)

New update! See below.

The science of transferring one’s consciousness to a more ideal humanoid body has been adopted by the government through a program called Becoming More 20xx, or BM20xx. You live in a small town dominated by broken, unmaintained machines, and have no inkling of the current state of the world and how many people are currently Consciousness Emulated Persons (CEP) - or as your community calls them, BM-bots. You are thrust into an adventure full of existential questions about the nature of humankind when BM20xx summons your mom - a missing woman with dementia - to become a BM-bot. Along your journey to find her, fall for an artist, a mathematician, a revolutionary leader, or a mysterious friend. Learn about your lineage, discover the secrets of BM20xx and the revolution against it, explore the roots of existence, and decide your own fate: human, CEP, or…?

5/30/23: The first chapter is out!

7/28/23: The second chapter is almost out! Just a couple coding-related things left. In chapter 2, you meet 3 new characters, all romanceable. There are 2 completely different paths you can play for this chapter, making it highly replayable. Excited to release this in a week or so!

10/02/23: Unfortunately I didn’t make my deadline. Some things came up. I also haven’t 100% finished chapter 2. However, one path is ready to be played! Give it a look. Also want to say that the chapters each are short (for now) but that at least 10 are planned. The final product is expected to be at least 250k words.

Click here to play the demo: chap1-2


I like the concept very much. I like the writing as well.


Hello Mr. President.

(Sorry for the joke. :pensive:)

Hey, I’m just telling you, what a good reference to the paradox of the ship of Theseus in the final part of the wip.


Just missing my first name John :slight_smile:

Thank you! I am trying to refresh my philosophy since I don’t actually study philosophy but cognitive science.

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I’m really interested in the premise! Haven’t had a chance to read the demo yet, but looking forward to it. Interesting that someone with dementia would be picked? Does the process reverse the effects?? Because otherwise it seems like an odd choice! Really intrigued.

I think you, or your body at least (your mind is probably expunged so you’d die I guess) just become some AI’s or elite’s new cyborg meatpuppet. MC’s mom is an odd choice as I assume most elites would only be interested in the young and beautiful ones to repurpose as meat shells but it is obvious they seem to want mc’s mom for some purpose beyond just business as usual.


Oh! See, I was thinking the opposite. Moving your human consciousness from your meat suit to a robot body.

Oooh, I love the idea! And the suspense. Was not expecting the chapter to end as it did, for sure.

I do have one question, though. I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called, but there’s this movie where they were doing this thing of taking a human conscious and placing it into another body (originally, they had claimed that they were growing mindless human bodies for the new owners) where they took the most impressive/intelligent minds and offered them a new body when their original bodies were falling apart. I think the MC of the movie was some sort of businessman and had cancer, which was how he found out about the program.

Anywho, if you know what movie I’m talking about, did you get inspiration from that one? I know what’s going on in your WIP is vastly different from the movie, but I was just curious about the idea of transferring one’s consciousness to another object.

There’s “Never let me go” but that is more about just cloning and that world is also more crapsaccharine than the utterly bleak place the mc comes from. The clones there may be destined to have their personality erased to give their originals their body and youth but the originals and elites are otherwise still fully human.

Also there is “Swan Song” where I think the main character is a terminally ill rich guy who has himself cloned, but more for his family’s sake than his own. Again that focuses more on the cloning and not on AI.

Last I can think of is an old Ewan McGregor movie and that is about organ harvesting for the wealthy elite in a dystopian society. It’s called “the Island”. That world does approach the sort of bleak dystopia this one seems to be too.


No, I got it! It’s called Self/less. It definitely wasn’t a cloning movie (an old guy transferred his consciousness to a much younger guy). Definitely recommend :joy: I’ve seen Never Let Me Go, but not the other two. Are those good?

I did not get the idea from that movie in particular, but I’m sure the combination of the AI movies I watch and the things that I study have influenced my writing and world building :slight_smile:

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2005! Oh, this made me feel old. (I remember it being a good movie though.)

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Commenting so the thread is not closed: Chapter 2 to be released in ~1 week! See original post for update.


Cool :smiley:

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Hello hello. There is a new update! The chapter is not 100% done yet, but one path is. Let me know your opinions!


Someone pointed out there was a bug that made chapter 2 unavailable. I believe it’s a Dashingdon problem with cacheing. Either way, it’s been fixed!