Wild West (2K words)

I’ve started working on a title called Wild West. In it you play as a guy who wants to change his life by becoming a bandit.

  • I’m planning on giving the player the option to be a vigilante
  • Join a gang of lowly bandits or ( perhaps ) create your own gang
  • Gender-locked as male

I’m no expert in Choice Script, but I just wanted to share my game to know if there are people interested and which aspects need work. I’ll take any type of feedback.

Here’s the link to the game : https://dashingdon.com/play/cpt-booze/wild-west/mygame/index.php?cb=30617


I updated the link, you will be able to talk to the gunsmith now.

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I haven’t played it yet (it is loading in a seperate tab), but I am already waiting for more! (I love the “Wild West” period of the US)

Edit* @Guillaume_Gilbert Short, but it looks promising!


Good to know ! ( 20 Char )

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Any possible RO options? :joy:

Not yet, as it is my first try if I try, the ROs will probably end being almost the same, but perhaps later ( if I become better at coding ) I’ll try to implement a few.

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I’ve only played a little bit as it’s late here, the only issue is that maybe you could add punctuation to the choices? I’ll expand on it once I play the whole demo tomorrow.


Here’s a typo I found.
Loved it BTW, I feel like there aren’t enough wild west WIPs around here


Hell yeah so i can be a bandit


Sounds interesting can’t wait to look into it

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To be fair, Tin Star pretty much covered almost everything you could possibly imagine being a protagonist in the Wild West would entail. The only thing it didn’t portray was being a criminal but again, you still had the choice to be a greedy and corrupt sheriff or secretly support your RO’s father who happens to be a wanted outlaw.

tl;dr It’s pretty hard for Willd West CoG titles to stand out and differentiate itself from the behemoth that is Tin Star( it’s over 1 million words for god’s sake)


True. It’s practically a wall for wild west themed CoGs. For me, it was one of my ‘starter pack titles’ - as I like to call it, and is one of the few worlds I have explored extensively.

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Okay, so I played it fully now:
Can we get the option to choose our full name as in type it ourselves, instead of choosing premade ones?
I’ve noticed that there’s spaces between expressions like “?” and “!”
(This isn’t in the game, just my own example).
“How dare you question me ?”
“How dare you question me !”
The space between these expressions is unnecessary and a bit annoying for me.
Here’s what I’d do.
“How dare you question me?”
“How dare you question me!”

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Well, the way I imagine it, the game is gonna be entirely focused on the MC being in a gang, while in Tin Star, if I recall well the “worst” you could do was to take bribes and secretly be a part of Hartigan’s gang and there was not that much scenes related to that. But if you see to much ressemblance between Tin Star and Wild West, I’ll stop.

I’m keeping that in mind

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Thank you! ( 20 Char )

I really like the choices the reader is presented with.

A small code/grammar mistake:
He nods at you On days where you don’t work like these you usually…
There’s supposed to be a punctuation mark.

Glad it pleases you, because I spent lots of time on those!

Thanks for pointing this out!

We’ll have to see but I think the story has potential to be decent

I was just answering the guy who asked why there aren’t that many western-themed CoG titles

I have 2 points of complaint

  1. you say the game is gender locked male, why? you’re playing a bandit, literally, anyone could be a bandit. It’s not as if you’re trying to join the army, and people will give you enough hell as is for being a bandit
  2. Is there some specific reason we don’t get to choose our own names?