Wild West (2K words)

  1. there are literally always complaints on male gender-locked games (emphasis on male because female gender-locked ones are apparently okay) that they are so diluted at this point, so if you’re inclined to know why some authors gender-lock their games then there’s a whole topic thread dedicated to that issue

  2. This is still a demo and the author has explicitly mentioned he’s still a beginner in coding with CS and is probably still learning a lot. So it’s either he decided to omit that feature for the sake of uploading the demo as soon as the main content is done or he still hasn’t quite figured out how to do that yet, and that’s okay.

  1. To be clear I have 0 issues with a gender locked game, however, I feel like at some level there needs to be some reasoning for it. Guinevere is female locked because the character of Guen is historically female and it’s interesting to examine it through such a lens. Or if someone wanted to make a Lord of the Fliesesque choice game in which females were deliberately omitted because of important narrative reasons. There seems to be no reason why this game can’t have a female protagonist, especially considering that most westerns by their very nature have little historical accuracy.

  2. It’s very possible that the lack of name choice is on purpose, due to some other kind of significance that is currently unknown to me. As a result, while it’s possible that it’s due to inexperience with CS coding I’d still like to make sure.

Yes, but they might treat you differently (Jokes, different duties, etc).

Right on !

This is the 1800’s people were kind of just looking for a reason to treat you differently. If you weren’t white, they’d treat you differently for being white. If you were poor they’d treat you differently for being poor, if you were rich they’d treat you differently for being rich. I could keep listing, but I think I’ve made my point.

I just wanted to let you know that the reason I didn’t update in a while is that I largely miscalculated my work in the coming weeks ( I worked on the game in March break ). I’ll try to update this month at least ( I know it’s not a great compensation, but still ).

I hope you understand.

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You do you. Life happens to all of us.

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I want to share with you the amazing birthday gift I’ve gotten : All my files for Wild West were deleted! I hadn’t saved my files correctly and I lost them :cold_sweat:. I’m sorry if any of you were expecting the rest of the story.

Rewriting the same thing will be easier than thinking of how to write something. I’ve tried it.

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