Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


I think @Nocturnal_Stillness was making a game pretty sure it was called Rook and the mc had like nature power, but you couldn’t use them in dead spots? (Not sure it was a long time ago)



Ah Rookfall. I remember that game. Still got it on my dropbox account. It’s not dead its merely resting while I focus on season two of Unnatural.


I definitely miss From Ashes We Rise by @Wraith


I don’t usually post in this thread, but I woke up this morning thinking about Children of the Gods by @Rohie.

I don’t think it’s officially dead, but it’s been gone a while, and I really would have liked to see how that one ended.


Pelottomia Susia


There was an old WIP, I think called Golden Eagle or something like that, you were an infantry officer in an 1850s-esque world. Anyways, what we got from that WIP was really good and I hope it gets finished someday.


[WIP] 神龍之土 Land of the Dragon is promising yet it never had that much work please have alook at it or give it to another auther

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It never even got a demo, but I definitely wanted a witches path to be a thing. Mystic China was dope for the bit of the demo that was there. Also idk if it’s been abandoned or not, I haven’t seen anything new about it but the god of red mountain was good.


Ultimata anyone?


Hi. Well my WIP isn’t entirely dead but I’ve been busy with IRL issues. Might take a while until I pick it up again so it will remain in hiatus until I deal with stuff. I do want to keep it going and looking forward to getting back to it. :slight_smile:


Umm, my WIP isn’t actually dead. It’s more on some kind of temporary hiatus due to a few personal problems which I had to face during the last few months and which cut my free time a little short. I don’t know yet when I will be able to continue the work on my WIP, but I can assure you that it is far from dead.


I can never really tell which ones are dead…I feel like whenever I have given up on checking on one that hasnt updated in a year or more - suddenly there is a glimmer of hope on a thread here or Tumblr. Like that fox one…Foxes of Sunholt, I think? Or SOS…I even assumed Guinevere book 2 was done with until literally a few days ago when the author said something on Tumblr. :heart:

Don’t give up hope, folks!!!


Guenevere is the first WIP I ever read on these forums. I love it for a thousand reasons that I detailed in that thread. It’s so ambitious, and the author sounds so busy…I understand completely why progress appears so slow.


I want more of it SO bad! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but even unfinished Guenevere is right at the top of the list of my favorite CS games.


First, to about all two (Awesome)people who may be wondering. I’m juicing up the shock paddles for my own wips. Work, job hunting and the occasional bouts of depression where I just completely shut down aren’t helping. Slowly but surely, however.

More importantly, I remember Monsters of New Haven like everyone else and would be willing to delve into some dark, dark arts that were never meant to be used to bring it back.


Ohhh sorry i haven’t seen in a while so I just assume. Hahaha sorry


I’ve been working on Guenevere all day today. :slight_smile: Yes, it’s taking forever, but I will get there, no matter how long it takes. The game is definitely not dead, just dormant.


Myrmidon, team zero and one that I can’t remember the name, but find it very promising where you are a unknown and they bring you to a ship to run tests and stuff, but you are a kind of spy to someone else or something like this.


Time for another round of this I think:

My current top 3:

  1. Vendetta. Probably just on hiatus again but I´ll give it and @Vendetta another call out here all the same.
  2. The Myrmidon, while @Moreau has said the Myrmidon as originally envisioned is probably never going to happen, a more limited scope re-imagined option would still be super-awesome.
  3. This is an old one but the upcoming airship game actually had me remember this old one ¨Journey of the Vanguard" back from 16´. Boy how time does fly.

Then there was another old one in which the mc is a super-cute and (formerly) evil ultra rich kid with amnesia and a zombie bodyguard. But I cannot seem to recall the name of that one. :sweat_smile:

That´s the one, thanks. My failing aging memory, eh? :sweat:


Sounds like Second Chances.