Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

Guinevere. Def. Like I remember being able to play it a lot before because it’s complete-ish or at least it was long enough to be a book 1… I’m not sure if it’s dead though, but I haven’t seen it in a long while.

Edit: I totally forgot about team zero! Right ugh I miss that too. This is the batman-like story right? Oh gosh I feel so old tbh hahaha memories!


This is the game you’re thinking of Forgotten. - v0.113 // A mental health focused mercenary story. Updated: 20th of August

Personally one I really enjoyed was called fearless, where the mc could see people’s greatest fears over their shoulder. Not a lot of games actually focus on gender that much so it definitely stood out.


From Ashes We Rise. That was one of the first WiPs I ever played, and I loved it lol


does anyone remember that WIP “when in rome”??? really showing my age but i haven’t seen it mentioned here and it was really amazing! i think about it a lot still actually, so sad it was never completed. also the obligatory team zero mention


Oh, one of the authors replied to my dm asking about it and said they’re still working on it but it’s taking so long cause life.


To be quite honest, I miss all the WIPs which I read and which do not seem to have received any recent updates! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is quite difficult to pinpoint a select few, especially if one were to go back further in time to consider all the delightful pieces that used to – and, in some cases, still do – exist, and particularly so if one were to expand the definition of “dead” to include “dormant.”

For relatively recent works that have not been updated for some time, there are a few that tend to come to mind immediately. That does not mean I do not dearly miss the other works; I do, and wish all their authors great health, wealth, and luck! Rather, I would particularly love seeing these three updated. :sparkling_heart:

  1. Guenevere
    • This one is, fortunately, merely dormant. I truly hope that @jeantown is doing well and will be able to pursue their dream of writing again sooner rather than later! I look forward to seeing more of this sublime work and would be glad to wait as long as necessary. :revolving_hearts:
  2. Children of the Gods
    • I am naturally devastated that @Rohie was not able to continue this project, but I wish them the absolute best in their life and future endeavors! :purple_heart:
  3. The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia
    • This one is also merely dormant, propitiously. I genuinely wish @Fawkes all the best, and eagerly but patiently await any and all updates and teasers to tide us over until then. :two_hearts:

Fox of Sunholt hands down. I was absolutely in love with that WIP, from the world building to the characters.
Camille Tazani was and still is my favorite RO of all times from WIPs to released games. Something about those characters and how real they felt made that one the most memorable work in the forums for me and the hope of seeing it again someday is what brings me back to the forum always.
The author was also incredibly nice to everyone and funny, i hope they’re well and I only wish all the best for them! Still would like to see them coming back someday, and until there I’ll still be waiting xD


Oh my i totally forgot about this!

This is great update! Will patiently wait as well :sparkling_heart:

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Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights


I loved both of those, and grieve their losses constantly.

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I always miss calling of metems hollow, it was amazing!!! Werewolves and magic!


Last I checked it wasn’t dead, the author just had some health issues.

It’s been almost a year of no activity, but I always hold out hope it’ll come to life again.

Well most WIPs mentioned here aren’t dead they are just in hiatus.

Omens sounded like an interesting concept and I’m always a sucker for the ‘big bad thing’ not actually being bad trope but alas it has been .
I can’t find any forum post of blog for it which is kinda a bummer but it is was it is.
you took the role of what is basically a Safety Patrol Officer but pow fantasy with horror elements.
goodbye my sweet prince

edit : HAHA jokes on you ! (interpret: me) i found the tumblr blog


So the author abandoned the project? 'Tis a pity, but I wish them the best.

Grand Aera Online. It’s pretty obvious what that game is based on, and, it sets up a pretty decent mystery that’s better than what it originally was. Honestly, if I could get in touch with the dev, I’d LOVE to take over that project.

Since I’m not in touch with the dev, I’m brainstorming that I do my own SAO parody, but, still figuring shit out.


You should definitely go for it, I miss that wip as well. I think one inspired by the alfhiem arc would be cool and unique. Log horizon would also a good anime to gain inspiration from.

Fox of sunholt genuinely hurt man , any idea why author dropped it?