Which name do you perfer?


I am writing a game which has a major kingdom in it, but I can’t seem to decide on a name for it. So I have decided to ask other CoGers their opininons on it. Here are the three names:

Also, to everyone who was expecting a dragon game for me, that will be, unfourtantly, delayed for a while. I spilt water on my old laptop, and I was stupid and kept it on, and then the laptop stopped working. So I have no way to retrieve my files. :frowning:




similar thing happened with red grave but luckily i had saved it on dropbox


@akatsuki9344 Unfourtantly for me, I didn’t upload it on dropbox yet, so it was lost. :frowning:


… i hate when that happens i did lose some work but yours is worse


Yeah. I was so close to being done with the first part too.

Anyways, VOTE!


i suck at names you don’t want my opinion


I vote for Krol


I vote Zeryleus!


It’s not too late as long as the hard drive is still operational, you can run it on another computer and retrieve your files. The best place to do that would be at a place like Fry’s or something like that.


Of the three it would be Krol since it’s easier to say but I don’t know the basis of the game so I couldn’t really say.


Krolololololol krol




@GameJunkie I’ll try that, but I don’t know if there any Fry’s in my area, so I’ll have to look around.

Here are the results so far:
Krol. 4 votes.
Zeryleus. 2 votes.
Aneront. 0 votes.

Looks like Krol is winning. I’ll give it another day before deciding on a name.








Krol. 5 votes.
Zeryleus. 2 votes.
Aneront. 2 votes.

Looks like Krol is going to win. After today, I’ll have the thread closed.

Its still not too late to vote! :slight_smile:


Well, Krol does sound like troll. But any of the three would fit in a fantasy theme I guess.

That’s a terrible thing to happen with your laptop. There was this sort of how-to video that showed a few things on how to rescue electronic devices (in the video it was a smartphone, though) that got in contact with water. One I remember including putting the device in quarantine with rice for like hours as it could somehow suck the water out of it. Or that’s how I understand it. Only after then you may power it back on, otherwise it’ll take permanent damage from the water.


@FcA I got the name from some generator for names. I was going to put it in rice, but it kept working after I spilt some water on it. I cleaned up the water, and though that it would be okay. After about an hour of using it, it just up and shut down and hasn’t turn on since. :frowning: Lucky for me, my birthday was near when this happened and I got a new laptop, but everything on my old one was lost.

Now that I think about it, Krol does sound like troll, but no one will notice, right? :slight_smile: