How to name your game?


Title explains it all, how do you go about naming a game,(or what have you seen other authors do that you have liked)?


Puns. Puns are good.


Keep in mind character limits for the App Store and such, so keep it (relatively) short. Under 30 characters is best.


I try to go for something relevant, interesting, and searchable. For example, people seem to like the title of my newest CoG, The Magician’s Burden. It tells the reader right off the bat that it’s a story about struggle and magic. Also, if you search up the title, it will be the first result. On the other hand, if I named it something innocuous like “Burden”, then a search would reveal countless other things first. Just some tips. :slight_smile:


The cap on a title in the app store is thirty? hmm longer than I would have imagined.

That’s actually a really good strategy, hadn’t really thought about the title being searchable.

@SmolPirate puns are always welcome. :blush:


30 characters is deceptively short, especially since that count includes spaces.


For my last game, I actually made a poll about it. Made a list of all the possible title ideas I had for the game and got people to vote on their favourite… Then I just went with the most popular choice. :blush:


Oftentimes, I feel like having a title first before the story can have an… unintended effect. The most prominent one is the title having no relevance to the story.

That’s why a simple phrase of working title comes in handy.
Something like “Untitled Medieval Fantasy” should work until I can find a better one.


Uhh, it depends.

For me, weirdly, the biggest thing is that it sounds nice to me when I say it- since I’ll be thinking about the name a lot, y’know?

Icarus Sun was pretty easy because I had that as the idea for the book inside the game and really liked that name so I just transferred into the actual name as well. (Also made a kinda interesting comparison between Icarus Sun being both the story of the City Child and the literal story of the character within the book within the game.)

Model Citizens: Unmasked was also kinda easy because I had the idea so long ago and I had this fun, very silly little idea about having a series of games (almost) all of which started with ‘Un’ because of another very silly plot reason that connected all of them together. The Model Citizens part of it came from the whole fact that, well, you play as a citizen, not a hero, and the idea of being a ‘model citizen’ is usually referring to someone ‘heroic’ in nature but not ‘heroic’ in how it’d be thought of within the world of the game… so it’s kinda a play on words? If that makes any sense, aha.


I 100% agree.

If it is not searchable and people have no idea instantly what it is about, it is at a disadvantage.

Proof: my game, “A Wise Use of Time.”


Are you saying AWUoT wasn’t explanatory or searchable enough?

For what it’s worth, I think it’s a very clever title.


Both. My editor and I actually talked about changing the name but we couldn’t think of anything better. I feel like the name hurts it. It doesn’t pop like Choice of Time or something like that.


You can always change it later if you end up thinking of something more suitable. :slight_smile: (I think, at least.) For Rent: Haunted House used to be called Eerie Estate Agent. I vastly prefer the original title, but I will say that “Haunted House” undoubtedly gets more searches than Estate Agent. :joy:


Good point! I still need to come up with a good name… not sure Choice of Time is even that good.


Personally, I think ‘a wise use of time’ actually has a better ring to it. And also makes more sense than ‘choice of time’.

@RenaB I do like Icarus Sun. Sounds steampunk-ish. With model citizens don’t you have to change the name because it’s a little too close to hero unmasked? I love the game but, it’s quite a mouthful.

@Avery_Moore I was going to do the same thing but honestly have only come up with one and it sucks. Maybe I’ll keep writing like @Szaal and just take a name later, or decide when the game is finally published.


I’ve always gone with the “Choice of” formula because it tied into an existing brand, it established the game genre as CYOA (as well as a title can), and it established the subject matter with the rest. With “Choice of Robots” it even had a nice pun on robot autonomy, and “Choice of Magics” I tried to also weave into the story itself a little. “Choice of Alexandria” was a working title, but I couldn’t think of anything else in the game to be “Choice of” that people had ever heard of.

Even if I weren’t doing that formula, I’d still value clarity about the content and appeal over being too clever.


Nevertheless, Time appears to be a best-seller, so you must have done something right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Use a central conceit or concept that ties into the story. Using my own WIPs as examples:

The Imperial Shadow - the name of the in-universe spy organization the MC is a part of.
The Beast in Me - MC has a bestial entity inside of them, which has an impact on the story and their life.
Blue Corona - Along with being the common name of the station the story is set on, it’s a name that is suggestive of both space (corona being the halo of light around a star during an eclipse) and alcohol (Corona the beer, obviously enough).
Eyes of Night - The odd one out. I’ll admit, I pulled this title out of my ass so that it wouldn’t be called “Undead Were-owl Simulator”


The worst Hosted Games name ever is my first game: The Race.
It’s so vague and impossible to search for. In a similar vein, the company name Hosted Games isn’t the best as searches often bring up games that are hosted online.

Names need to be punchy, memorable and unique. That’s always a tough combination!


If I remember correctly they have a different name set up for hosted as opposed to choice, only authors in choice games can use the title ‘Choice of ****’. I’ll probably end up doing that, finding a title and slapping it on then having a brain fart and leaving it. That or I’ll grow too attached…

And btw @lovinglydull How many WIPS do you have?! I thought you may have had one or two but wow four is a lot… I was thinking of naming it after the massive breed of monsters in the game but I need something else to go with it or else you would only pull up the play Wicked. I do have a fictional city that doesn’t have a counterpart in real life and it would pop up in search, I just think it’s misleading and rather dull.

@andymwhy That’s exactly why I made the thread, it’s harder than most people think and maybe this will give some poor dev a few months from now some pointers. (Cause for rn that poor dev is me)