How to name your game?

The Imperial Shadow is in “I have work but it’s not suitable to be published yet” stage. Eyes of Night is in “I probably should have waited but I put pretty much all the work I’ve done in it up” state. The other two are in “I made a synopsis and character sheet and immediately shelved them” state, so I guess they can’t really be called WIPs…

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In that case, I can relate completely as I have archives of characters shelved inside my noggin and actually just started to pick through them for casting inside a game now that am actually writing and not just brain storming for fun.

I think I successfully made “relevant, interesting, and searchable” titles for some of my other games as well: Trial of the Demon Hunter and Winter of the Bovine. Though admittedly, the latter is less intuitive. Captive of Fortune and Foundation of Nightmares are pretty obscure when I look back on it, though, so those aren’t ideal. I’ll definitely make a point of going with this system for making titles of mine from now on, though.


Just change your title to The Punchy, Memorable, and Unique Race.


Exposure matters a lot if you want to outreach to more than just the CoG community so make sure the title is unique enough to be distinctive and memorable but also generic enough to intrigue someone who might be scrolling along

For instance, the first CoG title that got me into this forum is Tin Star, which is not only quite unique when you actually try to name any similar titles but also immediately leads you to imagine the wildwest setting of the game without using any sophisticated metaphors or wordplay


I’m not are if this is helpful but my (WiP, not finished game) is called “A Warm Night’'s Slaughter”

A fun fact is that if you search that into goole it’s the 1st and second result, and I haven’t even started to do the whole SEO (obviously because nowhere near finished) thing yet, but it’'s cool sInce my friends don’t have to go to page 3 of Google to see it haha.

Although I do think the name’s a biiit too long.


Icarus Sun is definitely a fun name, and I quite enjoy it! Model Citizens name changes have been thought about and talked about but as of now there’s no plan to change it. Of course it’s always something that I might do in the future but there’s no plan for that as of now.

Naming things is both one of the most fun and most painful parts of writing, aha.


I really loved how easy it was to tell tin star apart from the rest of the games too. A lot of the games get mixed up because because the title really sound similar ,( or at least they do through my vauge memory.

I feel you, I was trying to bribe my friends and co-workers for helping me come up with a name for the ‘Gifted people’ with powers in the game. I was originally going to name them the inherits but thought that it might too closely connect to the HR book 3.

I feel for you; coming up with a name is often a tough thing for me. If I’m writing for another company, they usually have the name picked out which at least saves the headache.

Though if a pun comes up, then it could work. The current game I’m wrapping up for Winter Wolves is called Love Bites (yes, a supernatural element to it). For a change, it was something that actually came to me.

We are also talking about a sequel in the distant future, and probably go with Love Sucks (another game with supernaturals, but you can probably guess what kind this time).


Dope puns, @Lys.


I bet it really helps that you don’t have to make up your own, is there an assigned person who comes up with the titles. (getting paid for puns sound like heaven and hell for me)

as long as the game isn’t this…
I think It’ll be a hit.


Normally Winter Wolves either has an idea firmly in mind, even if it isn’t the most creative, but if they aren’t sure, they will open it up to suggestions from the few writers they work with.

Nope, no danger of that. :slight_smile:


Sounds a lot more reasonable than them having a ‘pun man’ for all the headlines.

And I’m glad :relaxed: ( cause reading about that gif would be terrifying.)

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The bites do draw blood though, don’t they? :vampire: :woman_cartwheeling:

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Bingo. What is also nice is that with both titles, it sort of ties into each other.


So I just searched for Hosted Games on the app store. Of the first 20 entries, only 2 were actually Hosted Games games: Zombie Exodus as the 9th entry and The Great Tournament as the 18th entry.

I’m not sure how feasible it is, but renaming Hosted Games to something less generic might be a really good idea…


Yeah, Choice of Games is searchable, but Hosted games, not so much.

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Choisted Games.



Host of Games.


Playstore doesn’t seem to have a problem with Hosted Games. XD