When violent game its too much for you?

I’m working on a game placed in a distopic cyberpunk background. What you people belive is the limit for a game this type?
You going be tortured…

I think it’s less about violence persé and more about explicit violence; personally with works of fiction I prefer violence to be implied rather than explicitly stated, since I find my imagination always makes it seem worse than a factual description.

like “you shot him in the stomach”

and not “then his guts drooped out from the bullet hole” and things like that…

Thank you for the feedback, i prefer this way too but sometimes for narrative motives i have to explicit a thinks a little.
But never to a gore level, this a futuristic story in a distopic universe no a blood film.

Personally I tend to focus more on the thoughts of the personal involved and describing the pain/emotional damage that wounds inflict along with descriptions of physical effects (ie. strength going out of legs, limbs no longer working, affected vision, etc) rather than describing the gory details; although I agree a level of physical description is necessary.

I, for one, like gore, but not too much of it. I read/play stuff for escapism, not to be put off, y’know.

@Bagelthief I think you would like the opening of the story. :smiley: But i dont like violence for violence, has to fit with the story.
For people who dont like violence there are path less violent even more romantical and nice so dont worry.

I’d be happy if there was a pacifist path, too.
I’d think I’d like to see how this turns out.
Do ya have an idea for the plot yet? I bet you do, I’m just askin’.

I got and alfa demo and if all goes well today or tomorrow will online, i got some tecnical problems i can pm you the alfa if you want

I’d be interested in playing the alpha demo if you wouldn’t mind PMing me the link @MaraJade?

Yes, me too!

Ok dont problem but has errors!

i dont think it matters

Violence!!! yeah lots of violence

Meh if i can make it through elfen lied i can make it through this lol.

@Aznxa I’ve watched Elfen Lied, and believe me, I’ve seen worse. It’s not shockin’ ta me at all anymore, I enjoy that gore.

Ah Elfen Lied, what a lark that was. Still, I’m not sure the visual effects from that would properly transfer into text and still retain the impact.

If you wanna talk gory then Blood+ deserves a mention. But to be back on
Track, I think that blood in a story is all good and well but I’d keep the guts, gore n’ sawed off arms to a respectable minimum

Well there are deaths almost 53 millions of children. Its a future when have a perfect cheap clean energy but its made from humans… So childs are breeding in nursery jails when they have 12 a exam has placed about 1 of 20000 can become a real legal human the rest are processed … You have 12 years in the opening you can survive and what can you do to survive.
If you do you have a chance to become immortal.
Well this is the opening

Has no one mentioned the cheesy gore in kill bill. No one has that much blood in them, and it doesn’t come out like a lawn sprikler.