When violent game its too much for you?

I personally wouldn’t say that @MaraJades game is overly violent or gory, the concept of disposable non-humans (whilst horrible to us) is a fact of life in the game setting and (IMO) is even more unsettling because of the matter of fact way it is depicted.

Has anyone ever read anything from David gemmell? Quite violent but written very well

Never been bothered.

In fact, I’ve never had a problem with any form of violence inclusive of sexual violence, but ONLY if its justified. There really has to be a point to it imo. Unless its a niche fetish type of thing, but you’d have to warn people about that anyway and beside I don’t think CoG would allow it?

CoG doesn’t rule out anything automatically. Jason has said elsewhere that if a game which included horrific violence were “artistically meritorious, we would be happy to license it. We’re not in the business of censoring people.” Which I would rephrase as: CoG censors people on the basis of artistic merit rather than subject matter.

…“as long as it doesn’t get us banned from the iTunes store.”

The content is dark really dark its a dystopic universe when a brave new world and a similar to 1984 oceania sistem was historical facts.
But i dont show the rapes sexual imprimation and sex degradation from that universe its all implicit and sugested.
And if something is more clare never enter in details so i dont think that would be a problem besides nobody in the forum its interested in my game so i never thing it will be published anyway.
But i continue writing it

Well nothing wrong with that - no one reads mine anyway. I’ll read yours if you put it up.

@RVallant my game is Poisoning the steel mind a wip
You can try and giveme feedback what is yours?

@MaraJade - Mine isn’t on here, I made a topic a while back asking for people’s opinions about a very ‘story heavy’ CYOA type game. Most of the replies there seemed to say that they wouldn’t have enjoyed it so I’ve taken to writing it as a kind of novel when I have the time anyway.

It’s called: Paladins: Salvation - I’ve still not completed the first chapter and I’ve been writing on it for the better part of a month, university kind of gets in the way hehe.

*edit: Didn’t realize its only been a month of writing, feels like longer. >.<

@RVallant I’m to stuborn to don’t write something I believe because people don’t seem to like the first idea so why don’t you do a demo pilot of it?
the name is cool but I supouse that you has to be good so maybe no my kind of game but I want to read it.

@MaraJade - Hmm, well a “Paladin” in my story isn’t a typical D+D paladin. Basically becoming a paladin means that you share your mortal body with the soul of a god so you could play it as either good or bad. :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can do about the game thing…

@RValliant Try to do it a bad paladin sounds cool! also will be violent your game I got my problems with the sexual violent content of my universe looks cool in a graphical novel but I don’t know if people here are ready for it.
it won’t be explicit or really gore but a concentration camp and torture chambers are not rainbowns and unicorns

@MaraJade - Yeah my story is/was meant to be pretty violent, it’s the end of creation based purely on humanity descending into the darker side of things, wanton pleasure and base desires basically. But the violence would have a purpose obviously, I was actually hoping to do a more personal type of storyline with the violence going on around the player. It’s hard to explain really.

Concentration camps and torture chambers shouldn’t be a problem if its treated seriously I suppose. Sexual violence I don’t have a problem with but I’d assume there would have to be an age verification thing or disclaimer?

for the moment is a wip but sometime is serius yes all the polemic content is center in a path so there are a scientific side and political diplomatic one the problem is the military intelligent path