Level of explicit detail people like: Open Discussion (opinions wanted)

Hey guys just wondering for future refference how much explicit detail do you like,expect or isallowed in hosted games

In terms of both romantic/sexual content
And violemce detail?

Open disscussion for opinions dont mind what they are just want to know what the general feeling is

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I don’t mind violence or gory bloody, I see many type of this. I don’t mind sex content either.

But I one think I couldn’t SEXUAL HARASSMENT and or RAPE . Many people seem forgot nowadays what no means if a person says no five times and you make your character insist touching you and try to bang you continuously. Or make your boss touch you forcedly to attract any heat mind.

If you add a character totally promiscous ok fine, but make clear than if player says him her No he could found sex in a whore or manually not poursuing me. If my character say YES put all the sex you want and all nasty ideas you could think. But not forced it to the player, its the forced part what make me yell not the sex or stalkier part.

Also if you are doing a mature game put a mature +18 tag and ultra violence and sex is there. It’s your obligation as writer with the law.

Yeah sure i was asking on the lines more of the detail and “kinky level” that people tnk is appropriate

I got hight tolerance to violence I don’t understand all polemic with gtaV there are tons of worse scenes in films or old video games. But I usually prefer more the subjest not shown all literaly until the minimum detail how you rip a arm off with blood fall in waterfalls over the full of corpses battlefield. But I don’t care.

Sex I hate how witcher use women like whores to colection with Gerald, but I love the realism act is portrait not like Bioware perspective about underwear.

There are complicated themes to discuss depend a lot about player feelings

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The way I figure is that as long as it fits/builds on the story, I’m okay with it. If your story is about a war or is in a dark setting or the like, you’re obviously going to run into violence. However, if the violence/sexual content doesn’t match the main feel of the game, it won’t seem appropriate.


Fiction is fiction, but we’re also talking about gauging a potential audience. My opinion is that violence is probably going to be more widely accepted than sex and that violent sex would be frowned on.

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Not unless you’re a mod. [just deleted it]

I see no double post
But yes i agree no violemt sex

I was able to edit the double-post into stating it was a double-post…is there a way just to delete it when that happens? I was on the mobile version of the site at the time.

There’s no limit for Hosted Games, however the app stores do have limits, so you may end up just on the website with a game that can’t be sold if it’s too graphic.

If you have a forum thread you’ll also need to have Mature or something similar in the topic title.

Other than that there’s the strange double standard of society, in which it’s okay to write games containing violence, murder, death and no one will bat an eye. But any mention of sexual contact tends to be extremely frowned upon, regardless of whether it’s consensual or not.

Personally I don’t like stories with rape in them, or graphic torture scenes, or graphic scenes in which people are hurt. Graphic sex scenes are quite likely to make me laugh and thus kill the mood, and I think a well-placed fade to black is much better, or a sweeping summary instead of a blow by blow (heh) account.

But I’d be interested in seeing if those boundaries of maturity, in regards to the consensual sexual contact, could be pushed a bit. It just seems strange that we can tell stories filled with murder and death, violence and crime, but the moment characters want to express their love (or lust) for each other it’s considered wrong.

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See, I know there is this technical rule that there is “no limit” on hosted games, but the reality is, as soon as someone announcing that they’re doing a story that is going to be 120 Days of Sodom the CYOA, it basically gets shouted down by the crowd which results in what might’ve been an enthusiastic writer to not bother and result in yet another abandoned story.

Really CoG just needs to say “Look, we don’t want this, this, this, and this on our site AT ALL.” in its rules. It would clear up a lot of these threads where someone pops in and says “Hey I’m making a story about Nazi serial rapist!” (Not that the OP was claiming that, I’m talking about in the past) and then people end up getting into a flame war about racism, misogyny and homophobia and the thread ultimately gets locked.

It would also save time for someone that wants to do a story like that to not bother writing it here and go elsewhere with it.

It’s not censorship, it’s just better establishing what the site’s goals are.


@Endmaster totally agree it’s like you don’t be offended if Macdonals doesnt allows you sell burger king products in your business if you got a franchise with them. It’s business offer and demand not censorship


“We hope to create a third imprint at some point, alongside Choice of Games and Hosted Games, which would be for the publication of erotica. As you may or may not know, romance and erotica have been huge drivers of book sales for decades.”

Speaking solely from that quote, at some point I might expect to see a CoG with an emphasis on erotic moments - which I have no problem with in essence, but like with any writings, there are some writings that seem to be too poorly done, too amateurish to be taken seriously. I’ll probably scoff or laugh more at those scenes then enjoy them the way they were intended, like FGf.

As for @EndMaster’s remark on Nazi serial rapists and characters of that ilk, I say as long you’ve written a coherent, easily enjoyable story, that kind of evil, unlikeable-at-first character can be introduced, if you can make it fit without ruining the entirety of the story and can enhance the character and why they’re like that. I’d draw parallels with a certain incestuous blonde queen, who now makes me both kinda glad when other characters win in the small battles against her and also kind of admire her when she gets her way.

Honestly, the line I think official line CoG holds and should hold is the exact same as the one the App Store Review takes, which is derived from a Supreme Court Justice’s quote (unsurprisingly) regarding pornography, “I’ll know it when I see it.” Each game is a different case by each author and they need to be reviewed separately by guidelines as opposed to standard bars and rules. Anything should go, as long as it enhances a good story, and if it doesn’t, it’ll be kinda clear why it isn’t okay.

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I prefer a lot of detail. It immerses you in the story and ensures that the reader can picture everything that’s happening. Though for sexual scenes, I’d end it before it becomes too inappropriate.

My opinion is that it I not always necessary to put in a lot of specific details. A story that is specific about every little detail leaves nothing up to the imagination of the reader, and that kill immersion for me sometimes. This is particularly true of gory scenes or descriptions of dead bodies or other things of similar nature. I think it is better to say that there is a room with five dead bodies missing various limbs as if hacked off in combat than it is to say the character enters a room and sees five dead bodies, one missing a left arm that looks to have been removed by an axe, one missing a leg that appears to have been cut off by a sword, etc. Those details are not things that the author has to include, and I hate reading things like that because it serves no purpose to the plot, and if it tells all the wounds, in the case of a story meant to be scary, there’s nothing left to imagination and the story is suddenly not scary because nothing the author can say about various wounds being absolutely explicit about it can be scarier than what the reader can imagine happened with no confirmation to the contrary.

I don’t think it is necessary with a sexual scene to include every detail either. I don’t think anybody would be turned on by a scene meant to be arousing that has the specific inches that “go in and out” with every pump and what fractional amount of tongue is used for things.

For me, specific details about everything can mean a few things:

  1. The author thinks the reader is too stupid or unimaginative to imagine what is going on themselves without being told exactly how everything happens and how everything looks.
  2. The author is insecure about their writing, and they think if they don’t explicitly say everything, nobody will understand what they are saying.
  3. The author cares too much about trying to make sure that everybody who reads has the exact same experience as every other person reading, something I think should not happen.
  4. The author is desperate to “prove themselves” as a writer by saying EXACTLY what is happening so that the readers know that the author knows exactly what he wants them to “see.”
  5. The author is simply trying too hard to be narrative. They might think that they have to include everything in order to make the story cohesive, and maybe they are worried about critics poking holes in their writing.

There are some cases, however, when explicit details are necessary.

When there is a subtle foreshadowing effect going on that a very close reader will pick up on and they will be able to figure out some sort of detail that would otherwise be overlooked. Mystery books come to mind with this- some very specific details about some things might reveal to a reader who robbed the royal ambassador before the characters figure out who it is.

Also, a combat scene that is meant to really engage the reader and let them see the flashing blades going back and forth, let them see the whirling capes of the swordsmen, might need the explicit details to allow a person to really be a part of the duel and see it as the writer pictured it.

Either way, I think the very explicit details are only appropriate for specific scenes and small segments at a time. Too much detail is just that: too much. It gets tedious to read it.


I laughed so hard at your comment and I agree fullheartedly!
“the specific inches that “go in and out””

and “five dead bodies, one missing a left arm that looks to have been removed by an axe, one missing a leg that appears to have been cut off by a sword”

That’s a perfect example of useless over description.

@Samuel_H_Young I’m glad you got a laugh out of that!! And I would have been utterly appalled if anyone thought that amount of useless description would actually be necessary about the bodies.

Yeah that’d just be annoying and redundant. I do, however, use a lot of detail in combat scenes, which you said you enjoy.

@Samuel_H_Young I do enjoy a lot of detail in combat scenes as long as the details are about the actions of the characters or the surroundings rather than about blood spurting everywhere and where exactly it lands every time someone is hit with a blade. Another thing I like to have a lot of detail about usually is spell duels! Those can be so much fun to read if they are done well!