What is the Darkest CYOA game on choice of games?

I’m really intrigued as to where Choice of Rebels will be taking its world, what with a sequel coming up. Sure I barely survived through the winter my first couple play throughs, but the game aside from that was great. XD

I survived but I feel were destined for a “flip off the Starchild” ending and by We I mean me. For some reason I feel the author is not going to give us a “save the day ending” we either let the barriers fall and adapt, sacrifice and keep them up, or …no third option.


Fallen Hero: Rebirth shoved its fist into my chest, grabbed my heart and yanked it right out. Seriously left me bleeding on the floor. The MC is so broken, so self-loathing, so full of anger and darkness (and some of the themes hit REALLY TOO CLOSE to home for me)… I ended up sobbing through large parts of it. Did not expect to be so F’d up by the story when I read the synopsis. Really well done, but the hardest book I’ve read so far.


well…uncomfortable to play again ? Honestly…

So far I haven’t seen any game like that . I mean there is the WIP of Mother Murder and I couldn’t even get past the first choice lol so I wished the author well and moved on .

But beyond that , from the games I brough and paid for…and played ? none of them would make me uncomfortable to play again (I kinda know what would make me feel that and I would avoid such a thing) . Sad , traumatized…still want moar .

well maybe there was one instance lol…dont laugh :sweat_smile:


it didn’t make me uncomfortable though…but it triggered my Parano for a few minutes .

It was choice of the cat . So I just laughed it off in the end…cose it was silly .


FH:R is the kind of dark I like. Nothing feels like it was included for MaXiMum EDGinEsS. Horrible shit can happen but people do it for reasons other than “evil, lol”

I wonder how many people were like “oh, villains! Mwahaha” and then got a complex psychological exploration of trauma and alienation instead :laughing:

And you aren’t alone in relating to Sidestep. I think there’s something in there for any of us who have been traumatized, dysphoric, alienated, etc. It’s a heavy read but one of my all time faves.


Thank you for this – because after reading Fallen Hero, I curled up into a little ball and felt completely alone with emotions that were much too large for me to process. (Made worse by feeling “silly” for being so done in by a game.) It’s one thing to intellectually “know” oh, hey, Cosmo, you can’t possibly be the ONLY one… and another to read someone say, hey, I fundamentally get this too…

Ps. MaXiMum EDGinEsS made me giggle :slight_smile: