So can you die in these stories?

This is a newbie question I suppose. I have always liked CYOA stories because of the element of failure as much as anything else, but does the possibility of getting killed exist in these stories?

Yep, but generally only through silly decisions, like trying to take on a squad of troops with a low fighting skill, charging in head on, that sort of thing. There still is the odd suprise though.

Okay, so it’s easy to know when you’ll die. Good. Part of the fun is watching the consequences of making bone-headed decisions.

Can anyone name some particular ways to fail, like in the Choice of Romance/Intrigues or Broadsides?

choice of intrigue s you can die if you try to trick teh king/queen and failt to get a withness to help you plead your case

In Broadsides, I ended up getting my character hanged for treason. I can’t remember the exact decision made, except that I never attacked the Gaulish ship.

@Geisha: If you fail to seize the Gaulish ship, your fate depends on your patronage.

You can also die in Broadsides if you both fail the prize crew mission and the boarding action. Essentially, the game won’t let you turn into a Pigot. :slight_smile: You can also die if you botch the mutiny.

Choice of the Dragon, you can die by taking too many injuries (which requires consistently-boneheaded behavior) or by challenging the gods.

Affairs of the Court, you can be executed if you get caught murdering someone or fail to trick the monarch.

Choice of the Vampire, you can get nailed, as said, for trying to fight an entire squad of troops with low fighting skill. That’s the only way I know, so far, for you to die in that game.

In CotV, you can get blown up, too. Heh. Good times.

Wait, how can you challenge the Gods in CotDragon? I’ve played it many times and that choice has ever popped up


@Kho you need to do the following to get murdered by a god
Sack the temple in the war
Make everyone worship you
Kill the goblin god worshippers

@Bagelthief Yeah that happened to me too.

It was quite a shock.

Marine Raider has a few ways to perish. Charging a prepared machine-gun, trying to retreat into the sea, fighting to the last man (yourself) and then taking another casualty or just plain succumbing to your wounds.

What I didn’t include were any means to perish without a player’s direct choice being involved. The ship you and your platoon arrive on (The Schley) can’t be torpedoed en-route and you won’t personally be hit by a random mortar round or air-dropped bomb even though all these things happen during war, and more.

Take the Allied invasion of Kiska for example. The Allies suffered three hundred and thirteen casualties in taking the island… and it turned out the Japanese had abandoned it two weeks before.

While realistic, that sort of sharp ending doesn’t make for good game play.