What is the Darkest CYOA game on choice of games?

In the torturers child sex dungeon

Nooo, I remember now! No wonder my brain made me forget it…it’s horrible!

Torturer was one of the most satisfying characters to kill in a CYOA game.

Bunta and his sex dungeon were given about as much detail as the rest of the Lost Heir trilogy events. I mean, you show up, fight the monster (jailer), and then the next screan you’re literally going on to curry favor with some nobles to assert your claim to the throne. Don’t get me wrong, I like those games fine but their sheer breadth and just how much happens in each title just doesn’t give each atrocity committed in the games as much gravitas as I figured literal child sex slaves and enslaving sentient demons would have.

So as a player, I glossed over the trilogy because what happened in them just didn’t impact me as much as the games that were more graphic did.


Would you like to make a game and cover those topics with more detail and gravitas?

Yes, I would. But I recognize that I don’t have the time to, given that I have more important things to do.

I thought wait why does a fat strong man have a child in his sex dung---- oh the boy scouts

So that’s why they find knot tying so important

I forgot about the game where you play as a kid who can get “Property of Ivan” carved into his flesh if you refuse to be obedient.

I think that’s Doomsday on Demand’?


I wouldn’t say it’s the darkest ever but A Study in Steampunk’s Jack the Ripper route was pretty grim. The WIP Monsters (?) is interesting and all sorts of edgy as well.

I do agree that Lost Heir can be dark though the emphasis on strict stat checks (especially on pt. 3!!) distracted me from being too focused on the darker aspects. Samurai of Hyuga is also pretty violent and Highlands, Deep Waters is amazingly twisted. That said, I’m kinda desensitized by the internet at this point so I wasn’t even fazed by everything I mentioned. (If anything, I was pleasantly shocked that those elements got past the censors.)


Imho a game meant to be dark and disturbing etc has less impact than a game where the darkness comes in hindsight:
Sure, the examples listed are dark, twisted and sometimes just disgusting.

But I prefer having ‘Holy Sh*t’ moments a while after the fact.
Hero Unmasked, eg, has the dialogues and action of the npcs that can turn out to be the big bad that read innocent and cute enough if the respective npc is not the big bad. But if they are…

Some games are unintentionally dark, like HR (unless people want to hear it i’m shutting up now) where the Wtf was very unlikely intended.

Ok I can see you really want to talk about hr so message me and we’ll do some talking about it :slight_smile:

Skeletons are hot.
It’s a simple truth.

…That was a sex dungeon?

I’m sure there were parts of it that were more normal dungeon, but he was explicitly stated to like young children, and he did keep them in his dungeon, where he was a jailer. (One of the ways you can meet him is to actually pose as a youth that he might find attractive. Normally I don’t get in this way because my strength based character is “too big and too muscular” to fool Bunta, but the Feather of Glibness helps there.)

I could be wrong too, it’s only been a week or so since I last played the Lost Heir 3.

I played a girl who took a youth potion or youth disguise potion to look like a kid so he’d let me get close enough to strike. Dude was a complete monster killing him was satisfying AF


It was damn satisfying, lol.

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Try playing the Great Tournament 2 with the save file that you lost the tournament in the first game. The story is kinda dark, but I guess that is what would happen if the bad guy won.

Hm, let’s see.

Study in Steampunk’s light-eater route - yeah, really grim.
Choice of the Deathless takes the cake for horrid settings, even if you’re not as…boned…by becoming a skeleton as @lovinglydull suggests. It’s still a world where your soul is for sale the moment you sign any contract…
The Orpheus Ruse has very few good routes. The very premise has you screwing people over for your benefit.
Metahuman Inc. has you forced into headship of a very evil company. Yeah, you can fight the darkness here, but still. It also has a nice example of something that, by strict utilitarianism, is a positive outcome but is reflexively morally horrid.

Choice of Rebels isn’t really dark. Yet. At best, it’s “nobledark,” to steal a term from /tg/. Yes, the world of the Thaumatarchy sucks, but it sucks in a way that says “so, get to work building a better world.” (This may change if blood magic is inherent in the system and there’s no way to get rid of the Harrower.)