What genre of game do you feel is most in need of more representation?

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Definitely horror. Oh God, please.

Great and I am from Nottinghamshire so sounds interesting! (Outside Marian I don’t know what other female characters Robin could romance though. I know Jean who writes Guenivere was talking about doing a Robin Hood game with gender swap options for all the characters.)

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The romances options I was thinking of are;

Male: Little John and Will Scarlet.
Female: Maid/Lady Marian and Isabelle Du Courteray (an original character who will be the Sheriff’s daughter)


Great to see all these comments, currently more actively working on a big update and make my story more game like, with a wink to the Oregon trail.


Try Invite Only! It’s not explicitly a thriller/horror, but it totally is. Won’t spoil much, but it’s the kind of thriller where you might not even realize that scary stuff is going on behind the scenes unless you stumble on some secrets or put things together yourself.


Sounds good!

I have, and I love it! I didn’t get the Gabrielle body snatcher ending until someone on the thread mentioned it, and though I thought the general sense of tension and foreboding would lead to a grizzly end, wow, I wasn’t expecting that. What a brilliant ending.

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I’d like to see more games that are based on Royal intrigue and kingdom succession where the MC is a Royal heir. Like the turncoat Chronicles, Arcadie-second born,Heir to the throne,Kingdoms and empires etc.


Hear seeing the pattern that many people would like to see stories in an alternate world of historical fiction for a different historical event and seeing the association of the platform with World of Darkness I thought if someone wanted to create a story set in the world of Kaiserreich in the place where you are interested. There are several platforms building this world as well as its multimedia content. I don’t know, it’s just an idea of ​​mine. What do you think?


Cool implementation of a horror game based on a fairy tale. Only in the style of doomsday. I think that many might like it …

Hello there!

I was thinking about my favorite genre which unfortunately I don’t see here alot and wanted to know what’s yours!

For me I really like investigation and crime stories you know where we’re chasing a serial killer or so solving cases like Agatha Christie - Sherlock Holmes and I don’t prefer it to be in a modern world so there won’t be that much technology we can depend on and also there’s no magic!
I know sounds really realistic :joy: but this is what I really like :heart:

What about you?


I love Lovecraftian horror so much, so I wish more people would write an Interactive Fiction with the genre. There’s so much potential that can be done with it! From the mysterious town, to odd strangers. And scary prophecy with horrifying events surrounding the town. Potential romance option with the peculiar gods. Puzzling religious figure.

Hopefully Lovecraftian horror will make a rise in the genre soon. :eyes:


Games set in the Era of powder and shot, all the way to the 1950s technologicaly. Oh, and ones where the story goes before any politics and such


I’d like to see more historicals that aren’t about war.


Sci-fi stories with time travel and / or alternate universes theme.

I dream of a game inspired by Doctor Who xd


Two ideas I’d love to get round to but know I probably won’t:

  • a CYOA based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  • A “pass the phone” style multiplayer game, probably strategy/SIM like (I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of this)

I would totally play a couch multiplayer COG if I had literally even one single other person I had ever met in my entire life who was even mildly aware of interactive fiction at the most basic level possible. Until that day comes, it’ll be single player for me.


Highlands Deep waters is the closest to a horror written. But the game is kind of short and too confusing to be appreciated. Still, the tension is there.

What we are in need is to finish the games that are left in the loop. Zombie Exodus 2 is already like 10 years in the making. Werewolve heaven 3 another 5 years. Breach 2 also is in the making for years… authors need to team up and finish their work