What genre of game do you feel is most in need of more representation?

I think horror would work with the gameplay style. I mean, Goosebumps has a bunch of choose your own adventure style books, so I can see it working.

For almost everyone, this is a part-time gig. So ‘do it faster’ isn’t a viable suggestion unless you personally want to start giving them retirement and health benefits so they can afford to quit their day jobs.

Teaming up with another author, while it could potentially increase output, would also cut royalty payments down considerably. As it is, an author gets less than 20% of the gross from each sale. So work with someone else and now less than a dime of every dollar goes to you.


There’s the financial aspect, of course. But there’s also the creative one. Speaking personally, with how many ideas I have I’d normally love to bring on a co-author, but I’m too attached to my ideas, my story worlds, characters, etc, I don’t trust anyone else to write them.

There’s also the very real chance that a co-author simply wouldn’t see eye to eye with the original author and their ideas. Or that the original author wouldn’t like the ideas put forward by the co-author. In short, that kind of partnership isn’t for everyone.

Edit: All that said, with how my story ideas tend to work, I may end up needing one sooner or later anyway.


I’d actually argue that faster production by authors is exactly what ‘needs’ to happen to build more sales, attract a larger fan base, build momentum (and satisfy fans who expect consistent content in our current binge/streaming culture) that could lead to eventual part-time or even full-time income. And I mean nothing negative by this whatsoever; we all get frustrated when our favorite content disappears for a while. My wife and I have been complaining “When’s the Boys coming back? What about Witcher? What happened to Ozark? Blah blah blah.”

It’s exactly why successful indie authors do what they do; release a lot of content, the more the better. Just a constant stream.

Many of them don’t even release a book until they have 3 or more written and ready to go, so they can rapid release boom boom boom to satisfy fans, giving them a few months to get more content ready to go with no gaps. When authors release or book (or game) and then don’t release their next product for, let’s say 2 years, those fans they’ve won over have nowhere to go. They drift away. This has totally happened to me, I’ve seen it first hand.

Now, you know I 100% agree with you when you say it’s not viable for most of us. Between most of us (probably 98% of us?) having full-time jobs, kids, full-time school, or some combo of those, and considering these take a long time to produce, and (perhaps most importantly) considering that the HG queue can only accept so many games in a year, I don’t really see a path forward for the faster releases that I’m sure many of us (authors AND fans) would like to see happen.


I think that a book where the protagonist can reverse and bend time would be quite cool. Like a puzzle game where we desperately try to find the right combination of events to solve it all and let us decide what means we use and what kind of person we become after finding the solution