What genre of game do you feel is most in need of more representation?

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Even tho Im guilty of reading and loving everything of both genres I think everything that is not detective/student is vastly underrepresented

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I feel like the influx of detective WiPs is a recent thing, most of which have yet to be published. I can only think of five detective games, maybe six:

One Minute Mysteries

Sixth Grade Detective

Highlands Deep Waters


Wayhaven Chronicles (thanks @Bizimo)

… and possibly A Study In Steampunk, although I seem to remember it being more of a spy-adventure than a gumshoe mystery.

I agree that there are way too many student games. Most of them feel like CW TV shows, they focus waaay too much on the social drama and not enough on the plot and/or cool aspects of their various settings or mechanics.


Well I tend to love the social drama aspect which explains why Im such a sucker for this kind of game.
Also you forgot Wayhaven chronicals. The MC is a detective there, too


I thought the same but then I realized we never really solve the case in Wayhaven - we are a detective but we don’t really do detective work. We more just happen to be a detective, so I’m not sure if it counts as a detective game.


Yeah that may be true. I was thinking more about the setting than a genre which is of course not the question.

You don’t really solve the case, but you do actually do detective work: survey crime scene and look for evidence or info that CSU may have missed, inform victim’s family, run down leads based on evidence, deal with bs office politics and bureaucracy, get assigned to bs details because of said office politics. It’s all there, it’s just that there’s no ‘click’ moment because your entire team already knows who the killer is and is keeping you in the dark for bs reasons.


I don’t think there are a lot of steampunk fantasy games out there, can’t remember anything worth attention released in the past few years. However, I like playing on my PC more than on mobile, so I might have missed some, don’t know.

Also, I’d like to have more narrative-driven rpg games not focused on magic, but religion for example. Like The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante, the recent gem I found on Steam.


I’d agree with some of the earlier posts and I feel that the horror and science fiction genre definitely need more representation in stories here. Maybe some sci-fi horror even, don’t think there’s a lot of lovecraftian horror either, I definitely want to see more of those. :octopus:
There are really original ideas on here but I feel a lot if not most stories have high or low fantasy and default fantasy and magic as their genre defining setting.


As far as published games, Highlands Deep Waters is the only Lovecraftian game I can think of, but I there there are a couple WiPs that cover that genre. Their names escape me at the moment.


There is also “The Shadow Horror” which is very lovecraftian in my opinion


Burwick Destination is a WiP that is both a detective and lovecraftian-esque story.

Sci Fi horror would be awesome to see. Stories that are inspired by 1980s The Thing or Among Us or Aliens would be neat to see.

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They have fielders choice which was a great one. Otherwise I dont know of any

There’s a new WIP that’s not exactly Sherlock but it is a detective game. I’m not sure how to link called Red Line Murders I do believe.

I just finished playing days gone and now I have a biker itch that needs scratching I wish there were some games like that here

science fiction, psychological horror [key is without supernatural] and lastly, smth very specific, but anything viking. :sweat_smile: I know there was one wip around from last year (?) but I wish there was more of similar novels.

I don’t think it’s actually underrepresented, but personally I need more fantasy games.

Like seriously I need more.

It’s an addiction.

Probably getting worse than my smoking and drinking.

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Dieselpunk seems like a very niche genre, it could use more attention.

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