What game made you feel badass?

There are loads of games that make me feel badass, but some games reveal the full extent of your badassery in little tidbits. For me some of the moments that had me laughing at how awesome it was were:

  1. The ‘Hold the Line!’ moment in Sabres of Infinity where you hold a pass against an onslaught of Church Hussars with what’s left of your men while low on ammo. This one was great not just because of how awesome it made me feel but because of how challenging the game made it seem, so succeeding in the face of those odds made me feel like I saved the world.

  2. The Dragonlock moment in Guns of Infinity where you and like 4 guys absolutely waste an entire cavalry charge with your Dragonlock Rifles. The entire regimen is completely awestruck and you can feel the collective jaw drop.

  3. In Lords of Aswick the Hammer of Norwall moment. In the final tournament you can become an unstoppable force of nature and single-handedly pound the other team into submission all while the entire crowd is chanting. The monarch then grants you the title The Hammer of Norwall.


Has the game been updated since meeting with the kingpin? And the backalley scene while we try to escape?

The game is finish, if you want to find out what happend next you need to become a patron.

If you really love the game. I recomend joining the patron.

I joined and i have no regrets

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The Infinity series is a definite yes. Figuring out an Age 14 route that got me all 3 commendations made me feel very game savy.

The vampires Masquerade was very good at dragging me into the mindset of my character. Nothing more badass than going on a 1 man road rampage against 3 SI tails.

Some of my Pon Para variations had me feeling very smug towards my opponents.

Does maniacal glee count? I felt plenty of that the first time I framed Figs. It faded of course when he lived but I did experience it for a time.

Tudor intrique, after my remarkable successful subjegation of the british isles, which I’ve repeated a few times, and my singular successful marriage to Anne.

Zombie Exodus:SH after clearing 100 kills in part 2.


Owning the ‘cruel’ dragon and choosing every evil and self-serving option in The Dragon Racer made me feel like a true villain. The dragon is so supportive of your wickedness too which is funny. We bullied every human and dragon we could, and then left people to die like true degenerates.
Cruel dragon + mean human = OP.

Role-playing as Negan in The Zombie Exodus was an experience too. Even though my character was a solider who could help save a lot of people, I just let them all die and blamed somebody else. Brilliant work. Incredible. My character died alone and nobody cared, lmao— still a badass though. Playing as a solider in this series = Hulk Smash.

Edit: I just realised that I equate being a badass with being a malicious murderer.


Also, flipping Bobby off at the Carnival after saving him from certain death always manages to make me feel satisfied. I hate his character so much.

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Fallen hero: retribution spoilers ahead

This part is still in the free demo,this scene only activates if your MC goes as themselves in the meeting with hollow ground and refuse to work with them,then really really irritate hollow ground and they will order to attack your MC,fight them,win and kick.

And seriously who will go through all that bullshit for a single scene so here is the screenshot of that fight:-

This is the patreon account for fallen hero and all the benefits of joining are listed there.


What other benefits are there beside the Alpha build?

Thanks! May I ask if the Patreon only Q&A is very spoilery? Or is there a limit to what you can ask?

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Ohhhoooo awesome. I went as my puppet on my playthrough cause I didn’t want to get trapped in an ambush. But looks like I missed pure gold! This is awesome. Thanks a lot🍻


Several a few that stick out to me would be,the werewolves series, vtm night road, the fallen hero series,the hero or villain series, choice of magics, and one that’s still a wip the fallen divine.

editing to add the zombie exodus series.

editing again to add kiss from death.


Totem Force. Damn you can ride the bike on the wall(Wallride) like Ghost Rider. And also, you can one-shot the big guy in that story.

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The Night Hunters:First Blood Wip. That one scene where our MC tried to kill the monster is really awesome. Feel like Levi from the Attack on Titan anime series.

And also the Versus and the Heroes series have some great fight scene too.
That one fight scene on Versus: The Deathscape is really cool too. The one where you fight against this lord of time?? I forgot his name already but we kinda met him on our dream to meet one of the goddess.


Same! I made my player a snappy male who was as short as possible too. That story had some great potential for AoT role playing.


Magikiras is also one of pretty good ones…You get a power armour and have magic, and belive it is one of first CoGs to pass 1 million words, so that’s neat too


I, the forgotten one, specially if you play as a tactician marshal during the siege of your capital and later at the battle of atiming river

I’m also only starting to catch up with the infinity series, I’ve finished sabres of infinity and inacting a rear guard action at the battle of castle blogia can lead to very badass scenes with your character if you play your cards right and have the right stats.


The Q&As are split into spoilers and non spoilers. The author won’t answer any big spoilers for the next books of course but does like to give very vague hints

Definitely forsaken. I mean, you get to kick the archangel michael in the balls and rickroll gods, what more could you want?


Samurai Of Hyuga and BREACH: The Archangel Job :grinning:


Oh boy, my favorites were BREACH and Fallen Hero.

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Mask of the Plague Doctor. Specifically, the ending where you embrace the Dweller, walk out the gates of the city by yourself, and decimate an army. Maybe badass isn’t the right word though. It made me feel like a monster in the best kind of way. Especially in the epilogue, when you’ve become this mythical thing that lurks in the woods, that’s made the town and the forests that surround it yours. In a game where the magic has all been small scale stuff you could maybe explain away, ascending to godhood feels rad.