What game made you feel badass?

Samurai of Hyuga, Fallen Hero, Demon: Recollect


Weird there’s no mention of Sabres and Guns of infinity, specifically the rear guard action in sabres and leading the forlorn hope in guns.

The writing is very gripping and it sucks you right in as if you were in the middle of combat with the men you’re leading, fighting with and against.



You start out really weak but becomes pretty badass as the story revolve. Plus the story is actually really good and quite original.

Also Choice of the petal throne and The Versus series.


You probably aren’t going to remember them but honest to god i miss them like hell…

From Ashes We Rise.
Children of the gods.
Freak: Amidst the neon lights.


Infinity series
Breach archangel jobs
Mecha ace
Zombie Exodus

Yeah killing a lot people/zombie, against all odd(especially this) make me a badass


I think this depends on your definition of “badass”. For example, Night Road did NOT make me feel badass, because for me to feel badass I require that the opposition present some danger, and I found every challenge in Night Road to be meh - I never felt threatened at all.

In contrast, VtM: Out for Blood DID make me feel badass, because I felt like I was fighting uphill the whole time and still managed to do it. Other games that made me feel badass, according to my definition of badass:

Pon Para series in general
Wayhaven Chronicles Book 1 in the confrontation with Murphy
Relics of the Lost Age 1 (I full-on prefer Relics 2, because logic puzzles are my jam, but I don’t think it has as many badass moments as 1 - the assassination attempt on Himmler totally counts though)
Zombie Exodus/ZESH
The Community College Hero series
The final showdown with the lanterns in Sordwin
Killing totally-not-Shub-Niggurath in LuxCoS
The Werewolves series
The Midnight Saga Book 1
Choo-choo, motherfucker’ing the pyromancer in A Tale of Heroes
Some places in A Mage Reborn
Mind Blind, when it lets you take your handicap in stride, but especially when you tie the initial challenge

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting, but in general terms: I need to feel like I’m punching up. The upper I feel like I’m punching, the more feeling like a badass I get.


Samurai of Hyuga no question. I mean we literally jumped into hell kicked our teacher’s son’s ass and…well lets not talk about that ending shit hurts. But yeah definitely that, plus the golden eyes are cool too.


Eh it was different so I liked that too. It’s the most unique power system I have seen as well…in this form of media at least.


All of Kingdom and empire combat scene. Wight king prologue combat. Full combat mc in guns of infinity combat’s scene.


The vampire Regent, all games written by Mike Walter due to the fact that he doesn’t put readers on guilt trips when performing evil actions, Breach both for the same reason as well as the ability to cheat, tin star, war for the west, ghost simulator which is a wip and blood and steel which sadly is a dead wip. Oh and please let’s not forget hero or villain and Tokyo wizard.


i mean this made me feel pretty badass fighting vamps and shit

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Zombie exodus. Leading a crew, romancing a british secret agent, taking care of a dog and nephew, and killing zombies.


pon para! more evident on the second game, but i like the fact that you’re surrounded by all these powerful figures and they either defer to your guidance or treat you as an equal.


Samurai of Hyuga definitely, until the later books, especially in book 4, i think book 4 MC is rock bottom. :smiling_face_with_tear: But i enjoyed it immensely. Having no difficulties is gonna be boring


Blood hunter and fallen hero

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Blood Moon, hands down. My character was powerful and capable, which somehow feels like a rarity in IF.


You can be competent and bring together a badass group together for a heist in Thieves’ Gambit: The Curse of the Black Cat

War for the West is great, you have a ton of choices and can be very powerful.

Hero or villain sequel
War for the west sequel
Breach: the archangel job sequel
Unnatural sequel
Totem Force.
The legendary Fatehaven.
The vampire regent
Versus sequel.
Mecha ace

well The Exile gives you a choice about your attitude in carrying out your role as a commander and i like having control over it. im not good at tactical games so at least i can sit back and watch how the descriptions match up to how im feeling. im not a dramatic person and it just offers being stoic, cold in carrying out tasks, sweet.

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Samurai of Hyuga, The Lost Heir Trilogy, Zombie Exodus, Demon: Recollect, 180 Files: The Aegis Project, Battle Academia: Red Snow, A Mage Reborn, Heroes of Myth(we did bullshit our way through fame :laughing:).