What game made you feel badass?

Good night, everyone! (At least “night” for me).

As the title asks, what game, Choice of Games and Hosted Games alike, made you feel like a badass? Now, we all got a different idea of what being a badass is, I believe, so that’s why I want to hear from you all.

For example, to me personally, while reading through Zachary Sergi’s Heroes series, I felt AMAZING during the “boss fights” in the third game. Now, of course I very much loved the other two that came before, but the third game was just this climax of your character’s growth as a person and as a super powered human, and to see it being unleashed was very much enjoyable.

Another good example in my experience, one that moves a bit away from Heroes’ action packed ventures, is in Kyle Marquis’ VtM: Night Road, where you are able to use your vampire powers to approach your problems as you see fit and, to me, being able to use this sort of omnipotent control over other characters with the skills that let you brainwash them was kinda badass, showing that even your lowly character (Lowly as in the grand scheme of things) can be a bit of a problem.

Anyways, I’d love to hear some of you guys’ experiences!


Samurai of Hyuga is good for that. It’s like starring in your own Kurosawa film.

Tower Behind the Moon also made me feel like a truly powerful and transcendent wizard, and you could choose to flaunt it for the lowly humans or not.


At the top of my head, BREACH: The Archangel Job definitely made me feel like a badass. It’s hard not to feel badass when you’re punching, gunning, and/or deceiving people lol.


Surprisingly, not many IF games made me feel badass, now that I think of it… :thinking:
I guess it’s related to the fact I don’t identify with my MCs / don’t self insert, so I never get the feelin I’m doing these things.

With that being said, it happened from time to time, as a form of synch with my MC.
Heroes Rise” did that for me, at least the last book

The car chase in London in “Relics of the Lost Age” is both badass and epic, and also hillarious - if done in it’s entirety - and definitely is on my list.

And I think that’s it… for now? I’ll edit if I think about something else.

Now that is funny, because the only game that makes me feel as miserable and “at the lowest” as “Samurai of Hyuga” is “Fallen Hero”. These two games are like the opposite of “badass” to me!
That’s the best proof ever of how different people see that differently!


Keeper of the Day and Night, obviously, since the MC is essentially one of the most powerful people on the planet. The MC doesn’t know much about the world politically speaking, of course, but when it comes to fights and taking on things that are trying to kill them, they’re hyper competent.

MetaHuman Inc. is one as well, since you play as a CEO who’s whole job is to raise profits by developing new enhancements, and any enhancement you develop you can have implanted in you. Really gives you the feeling of being one of the most powerful people alive.

Finally, Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth. I mean, you’re the chosen priest/priestess of a diety and you have the opportunity to do all kinds of crazy stuff that makes you feel like some sort of Shounen protagonist (provided you have the stats to pull it off, of course).


There was a game well it isn’t out yet it is a wip it is called the white king It made me feel like an absolute bad ass especially in the first True fight while still making you feel vulnerable It had such potential unfortunately I think it might be dead now such a wasted flame


Oh it definitely made me feel miserable several times as well, but the struggle makes it better. I like a little bitter with my sweet I guess.


Battle Academia
Through Broken Lenses
The Fallen Divine
Samurai Of Hyuga
The Wight King
The Vampire Regent
I, The Forgotten One
The Abyssal
Relics of The Lost Age
Most of these games are WIPS but that’s some real badass vibes you’ll get from it for sure


Definitely Breach: The Archangel Job. I can be a shrewd driver, genius engineer, intimidate/persuade people to talk just by staring or putting a hand on them, and so much more.

Then when I finish a playthrough, I go back to being the potato that I am in real life :joy:


Fallen hero rebith. The last fight scene when you fight old and new friends


Demon Recollect when your fighting all the heroes at once. Also Wight King, battle Academia, fallen divine, and Lex Talionis: Exordium.


I love Choice of the Petal Throne for that, an awesome general who wins battles with tactics too (though I, The Forgotten One has been stealing the show in the badass category recently, especially as far as being a tactical genius is concerned)


Samurai of Hyuga, it must always appear in this kind of topic.
Also along with Fallen Hero series

There is no doubt over this statement.


Yeahh same. It just kinda embarassing for me.


Dang, how ironic these 2 games both gave me to feels badass even I played as non-self insert.


The ‘perfect’ servant in Tally Ho :wink:


I guess the huge discrepancies between people’s opinion on these two games, in relation to “badassery”, are caused by the fact the MCs of these games are very capable and/or strong, and the games have very epic moments, but at the same time these protagonists are extremely damaged and can be self-deprecating and/or depressed. So depending on not only the playstyle of each person but also on the aspects they focus on, it can be an empowering and badass experience, or one that can make feel miserable, weak and nihillistic. I think it’s part of the charm of these games.
I pretty much always focus on the negative emotions with MCs/plots like that. It’s the same for, let’s say, “Mind Blind” or “I, The Forgotten One”.

Interestingly, impressive strenght or powers are not what necessarily makes me feel the “badassery”.

I forgot to mention that one before, but “The One Chosen” always makes me feel badass, especially the big fight (if you’ve played, you know which one!). Having a “weak” MC be able to be “so strong despite their weakness” is one of the things that makes me feel badass when I play.

Because of that, “Samurai of Hyuga” and “Fallen Hero” MAY actually make me feel badass in the future, if the MCs have the opportunity to actually get better and have a positive ending. Then for sure, the feeling of “badassery” will be very strong, as they’d have overcome their misery / percieved weakness.


Lord’s of Aswick definitely


The wight king and blood hunter


I think SoH and FH are a given but other than those,

  1. Zombies Exodus: Safe Haven - only in small parts. if you have the right stats, NPCs would compliment you during fights. I felt so badass when a character said my MC made shooting zombies look like poetry lol

  2. Demon: Recollect - you play as an ancient OP mutant that devoured even the “gods”

  3. 180 Files: The Aegis Project - become a super cool agent after building stats

  4. Tally Ho - playing as a perfect, cool as cucumber servant made me feel so smug


Relics of the lost age,especially if you invest in athleticism,fisticuffs and reactions
you basically become indiana jones if the role was played by slyvester stallone