What game made you feel badass?

I don’t know why no one is talking about “Demon: recollect” for me it’s damn badass no doubt then there are others I loved being badass hero series 3rd part, breach the archangel job, relics of the lost age or IDK I’m sorry if I’m taking the names wrong ah yeah there’s one more samurai of hayuga ofc how can someone miss it :heart_eyes::fire: these all books are effing awesome!


It’s a WIP but I,The forgotten one


Is there a sequel for the War for the west

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if i remember correctly, they intend to make a second book for war for the west

Yes, but only in one aspect, namely fighting and leading others into battle. That’s where mc is badass…but for mc it comes at the cost of basically everything else. Off the battlefield they’re an absolute mess and wreck of a human being.

They also seem to be quite pretty canonically, provided you can look past certain deformities…which for cultural reasons most people in the setting cannot.


Cliffhanger: Challenger of Tomorrow
The evertree saga
Fate of the storm gods

Choice of rebels. combat, charisma build.


Haha. Its gonna seem silly; since its such a small feat compared to other series.

But Wayhaven Chronicles. I mean, you go from some normie cop to helping take down a psycho vamp, rescue a species to safety, and even PUNCH A MONSTER IN THE FACE THAT THE VAMPIRE HOTTIES FEARED .

Like, it seems so basic; its just a punch, right? But it shows just how much hidden potential the MC has that NO ONE had any clue about.

“What some ancient species that my 4 super hotties that are all a little OP for their vamp race got held back by? So what? -PUNCH-”

And it isnt even like the punch killed it, or even did any lasting damage; but it was enough to make every character there’s jaw drop.

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Tower Behind The Moon makes you want to crawl into a hole and die every time you fail a stat check, because you’re supposed to rival gods in power and it can sometimes get as bad as making a fool of yourself in front of commoners, but when you succeed, you really do feel like one of the most powerful archmages in the world.

Not to mention the secret ending where you singlehandedly defeat the king of the universe and take his place.


Broken Fable, The war We wage, Samurai of Hyuga, Path of martial arts, Aura clash, etc.

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The lost heir of daria. Something like that. Bro you could become a demon, necromatic, vampire queen with a vampire child.

The strongest character I ever played in CoG & HoG

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